1. Resolved Wall clipping in desert castle map

    Summary: Wall clipping, similar to last year's battlement clipping in desert castle map, only this time it happens in a corner How to Reproduce: Engage siege battle of Barihal Castle, clipping area is in the left corner inside the castle Have you used cheats and if so which: Boost effects like...
  2. Sh1mbo

    Resolved helmet issue

    Summary: i have this issue in the beta 15.9 also in the main brach 1.5.8, i have to say that not all but the majority of helmets in game are having this problem, EDIT: i also found that the only affected by this bug are male characters How to Reproduce:playing Scene Name this issue is in MP maps...
  3. In Progress reClipping on Armours and Clothing on Ladies

    There are two i directly know of but it would be worth digging through the models cause armor that has a gender variation is clipping on the Ladies. These are base game models. The two i know of are: bandit_leather_water_flask templar_a_white and the Red variation. I would have posted the...
  4. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.6] Clipping errors with Empire Legion helmet

    The Empire Legion helmet has some clipping issues at the neck.
  5. Macbeth of Gondor

    In Progress Level design bug: Clipping rock (battle_terrain_O (Plain))

    Summary: There's a clipping rock near the edge of the scene (Tested in Custom battle) How to Reproduce: Travel to the rocks near the edge of the map Scene Name (if related): battle_terrain_O (Plain) Media (Screenshots & Video):
  6. dijiTurk

    In Progress clipping issues vol.#2

  7. AxiosXiphos

    Resolved b1.4.3 - Beard Clipping on Full Face Helmet

    Just a quick one; don't know the name of the helm but this probably needs the 'covers beard' tag applied to it;
  8. Custom One Handed Swords

    Screenshot for reference I noticed after crafting a custom one handed sword, that my character awkwardly holds it by the guard, with the guard clipping through their hand. This makes me sad inside. I have my doubts that such a tiny graphical problem will ever be fixed, but for now, it kind of...
  9. Kakuna Rattata

    Need More Info Non-solid stairway in Marunath

    Version: e1.3.1.228624 Installed community-made modifications: N/A Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 bit Version 1909 Build 18363.778 GPU: Radeon R9 280x CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) x4 860K Quad Core 3.70 GHz RAM: 32 GB Storage Device (HDD/SSD): The game is installed on a HDD in my steam...
  10. MinhTien

    Resolved Shorter 2 handed axe cause clipping when high block

    Summary: When high block, you left hand would clip into the axe head of shorter 2h axe instead of holding the shaft. First notice this with the 2h axe used in Battanian tournament. Probably pretty obvious issue, but I couldn't find any thread reporting this. How to Reproduce: Quest/Settlement...
  11. Unresolved Clipping issues in siege assault of Ortysia

    Summary: When I attacked the city, I noticed my men were hitting a wall like if an enemy was stuck within. After some times I noticed that there was an opening in the wall and that the wall was not correctly connected to the "gate block". The video explains it. How to Reproduce: Simply every...
  12. LewdGeek

    Unresolved [World Map] The area around the lake next to the village Andum and Swenryn have some issues.

    Summary: The area around the lake next to the village Andum and Swenryn have some issues. The user troops can walk on the river and walk through a rock/waterfall. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go to the area in the attachments...
  13. burger1113

    Clipping added to player models

    Please add clipping to player character hair and weapons. One thing that bothered the doodoo out of me in Warband was how my weapons all seemed to fuse into one as they were magically floating behind my back. Not even for the npcs, at least the player models could have clipping added so hair...
  14. Sumurai8

    Unresolved Out of bounds in Pen Cannoc and improper clipping of stairs

    Summary: I found two issues in Pen Cannoc. (1) The stair to the side of the Lord's hall is improperly clipped, causing the player to walk straight into it. (2) On the way to the lord's hall, a stair has not been clipped off allowing the player to jump onto it, allowing them to escape the normal...
  15. Need More Info Helmet/facial hair clipping in first person mode when starting battle

    Summary: Almost every battle i start the battle starts in the first person mode which is fine, but this clipping is not. I see however that this could spawn a cool idea of realistic helmet visual impairment option. How to Reproduce: This happens in almost every battle i start Quest/Settlement...
  16. Need More Info Northern Light Harness Clips through horses head badly

    Not sure if anyone else pointed this out yet, so I figured that I would. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post.
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