1. BL Coding About Private Server on Bannerlord

    Recently, I was modifying the DLL to build a private server. ServerSide can get every udp-packet form clients,I can see every clients' player moving from ServerView ,but Nothing sent back to Clients at all. In Clients' View, I see nobody move but client-self, seems like playing single-game. I...
  2. havena

    BL Coding server behavior / MP mod development

    Can u add server behavior for multiclientserver in current or beta BL branch, or give beta access to dedicated for MP mod development. currently impossible to work on multi mods :/ best regards
  3. lordrufflebutt

    Client Crash upon Leaving Fort after receiving Army of Poachers Quest

    Game crashes after accepting the Army of Poachers Quest and attempting to leave the Fort. The time left on this quest is -2 days. I suspect this is the culprit.
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