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  1. EverKira

    New Clan in Sturgia?

    Headed into Sturgia to do some horse trading and I see a banner I have never seen before. At first, I thought Raganvald must have died and someone else took over Sturgia, getting the Sturgia banner. I checked, Raganvald still lives. Instead there is just a new clan, named the oh so inspired...
  2. Spyware

    Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that when you're at the second generation or so, you're fighting literally a buttload of Sturgian Aserais? Sturgian Khuzaits? Sturgian Vlandians and Battanians?
  3. Reddit Referral Re: Clans and Kingdoms

    Hello I created a post on reddit and it was suggested that I drop it here as it received a number of upvotes and should get more visibility: (https://www.reddit.com/r/mountandblade/comments/k2brtd/npc_clans/) ****************************** Posted by u/Bill_Munroe_87 15 hours ago NPC Clans...
  4. Need More Info Clans can´t join other kingdoms

    Media: What is going on:After update to 1.4.3 i can´t convince any clan to join my kingdom they want more than 2,4b gold and clans wouldn´t join other kingdoms i take every town and castle from vlandia and they still don´t join me or other kingdom Version:1.4.3 Installed community-made...
  5. İkna ardından crash

    Merhabalar arkadaşlar Bi kaleyi ele geçirdim içinde yaralarımı sararken bir baktım 500 kişiyle Ospir diye bir lord kuşatmaya gelmiş adama dedim gel benim tarafıma geç ikna da ettim ah evet tamamen haklısın dedikten sonra devam etmek için tıkladığımda crash yiyorum 3 4 kere oldu aynı şey heeeeelp
  6. Clans recruit their current faction`s troops.

    Why not? It would be more logical and realistic. I hope it will be fixed
  7. =R= Defender

    Allow our Clan Parties to earn renown

    Hey! I love the idea of the new clan feature! I see that my clan's parties go out to towns and when they complete quests for characters I get increased relations and gold. My character seems to be the only one who can generate clan renown through battles and tournaments. Could we allow clan...
  8. Multi-Clan Events

    I wanted to get the first discussion posted about how we would like to organize and handle clan events. I know since the game just released, nothing will happen for some time. But at least in here, we can talk and discuss ideas and suggestions.
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