1. Necronomicron

    How to complete claimant quest?

    I have taken Lady Isolla's quest, I've conquered Swadia, the Rebel's faction became just «Kingdom of Swadia», all lords are Isolla's vassals now, but I still have the quest. Shortly after I've captured the last castle, she said «NO STRING!» to me and left the party. She also made me a marshall...
  2. Rebellions and Claimants to Thrones.

    My idea is the implementation to something like the claimant system in warband. For instance, in warband each faction had a claimant that you could support in reclaiming the throne. I imagine it could be specific npcs with backstories as in warband or you could add the possibility of doing it...
  3. Corbul

    WB Other Adding more claimants for the same throne

    A while ago I've come across a tutorial (or discussion) on the forum here on adding more claimants for the same nation. One of the replies was that it was a matter of simply creating the new claimants in mod_troops, and copy-pasting and editing their conversations in mod_strings. However, trying...
  4. lazereye57

    Is there any claimants in Bannerlord?

    Pretty much what the title says. Are there any claimants in bannerlord or any plans on adding them?
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