1. Changing siege battles to something different

    The city maps in Bannerlord are extremely detailed and amazing. And if all cities are going to get unique maps... It would be a shame to only use 20% of the map for sieges. Namely, the outside of the city and it's walls. Why not use the whole city? Have fights lead all the way towards the Keep...
  2. Rhyuus

    Small changes for authentic bridge-, settlement- and border-placements

    Small changes for authentic bridge-, settlement- and border-placements Wandering through Calradia I came across some places where the placement of bound settlements, borders and bridges is questionable. Some small changes like swapping 2 bound settlements or moving a bridge can make a huge...
  3. World Map - Position of castles and cities now matters

    Many castles or cities are located in narrow places. In ideal, they must block enemies from passing through but this does not work. First I thought that it would be cool if such castles or cities had few exit options, depending on where you want to travel and their models are changed so that...
  4. FistOPain

    Resolved Cant interact with anything, cities, villages, parties

    Hey, ive come across a realy annoying bug. After a siege i won i couldnt enter the caste i just sieged. First i thought its because there already were too many parties in this castle (was the last sturgian castle with over 1000 troops and 15 or so parties). But after i tried out the near city...
  5. Riffraff99

    Capital of the former Empire?!

    I like the story of the Empire and would like to know wich city was the capital back then?
  6. Squibbles

    Take down Cities or Castles?

    I normally go for a city first then take down the surrounding castles slowly. Is there any benefit to taking down either or first? I would guess hitting castles would effect their military might but that is just a thought.
  7. Resolved *Solved* Crash on entering any Settlement e1.1.0.225664

    ********************************************************************* ********************************************************************* SOLVED: Verify Game Integrity via Steam fixed the problem. Settlement loaded fine. *********************************************************************...
  8. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    Siege Tower Unable to Deploy - Siege of Odokh

    As I was sieging the city of Odokh, my left-most siege tower was unable to deploy properly due to an unevenness in the terrain. Here is a picture to demonstrate this:
  9. add the possibility to refuse a settlement

    would it be possible to add an option allowing to refuse to be allocated a town/castle? I just got 2 cities and 3 castles but I don't want to deal with it
  10. TCgreywolf

    Siege; Surround the city/castle

    I think it's odd that we have to attack from 1 side at a time. I'd understand if there is some natural defence blocking the way but it's a shame that old games like Rome: Total war let you have more (and better) siege options than Bannerlord. It's such a big part of the game and I feel like the...
  11. F4z0R

    World map improvements/ City Improvement

    -Add lumberjack camps/ stonemasons/ farms etc. as new places on the worldmap belonging to kingdoms (for trading, looting...) -Dynamic weather on worldmap and in battles (on worldmap minus on speed when its raining, burning arrows not very effective when its raining in sieges etc.) -Buying ships...
  12. Unresolved Bug: Self-Icon Hidden Behind GUI Panels

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever my character is off-screen, there is an icon to indicate where I am (it follows along the border of the screen). This icon has a lower depth than information panels, so it gets lost often. This is particularly noticeable when I am in a joint-army and my camera is...
  13. Unresolved Suggestion: Camera During Siege, Post-Death Should Work Differently.

    When I die mid-siege, it moves me to spectator mode. I'm this floating camera. That's cool. But when I try to fly through the main gate of the castle / city, my camera teleports above the castle. I can't actually move my camera through the main gate. I actually can't move my camera through any...
  14. Unresolved Clan Party Stuck in City

    Summary: One of the clan armies stuck inside a city unable to move and starving itself How to Reproduce: I suspect its caused by forming a party with a companion that's inside the city and not in the party Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Razih Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.04...
  15. Cities and Castle Management and Specialisation.

    So, I will start with saying that I absolutely love the new Bannerlord and I have to say that this game satisfies a very strange niche in gaming genre. Which was left unattended for a very long time but the glorious times are back. Getting to the suggestion I think that settlements require more...
  16. sharpenme

    Immersion within the walls of your own town/castle

    Just three thoughts on how immersion could be improved when entering a village, castle or city that is under the player's command: 1. Let the player keep wearing armour instead of civilian clothes - I understand being forced to put on civilian clothes when walking around in places that belong...
  17. Taking over the backstreet in a town

    Hello everyone, Did anyone of you ever tried it? I did and i can report a bug there. When approach the thugs and start a fight with them they attack you. If you run away they put their swords back and go to their usual place and then start the fight again. None of them are moving and you kill...
  18. Nicolas the Holy Crusader

    Unique cities

    I know we were told that custom cities will be added, but i am curious if the photos of cities that we were shown over the years. For example, the captain mode empire city map from the beta ( streets of Syllianon) .
  19. City inventory

    When entering a city, by pressing your own inventory marker at the bottom left. You will be able to see the cities inventory as well (Not a city owned by the player) You can promptly withdraw any item you see without being charged, then you can resell any of those weapons back to the city.
  20. Cities, Villages and Castles Development (Suggestion)

    Hi all, I have been playing and feel that cities, world map are kind off lack something (like order, civilization in a way of speak), so I was thinking and came up with few ideas and suggestions rewarding them and how we could or ai could develop them. Roads: This is the most obvious one, and...
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