1. Did I just delete a vassal clan member when changing age?

    I wanted to give an instant child to a vassal clan member (instead waiting for her to become pregnant), so I reduced another clan member's age to 14, supposed to be her daughter. Well, the daughter disappeared. The clan now has only 2 members (encyclopedia clan's page). Not found in the clan...
  2. Need More Info Crashing when child education turned 8 (e1.7.0)

    Summary: How to Reproduce: The message of child turn 8 pop out and ask for education. Then, when I click the message, the game will crash. I think there is some error to generate the education scene. My game is 1.7.0. Have you used cheats and if so which: no Computer Specs: OS: Windows 11 GPU...
  3. Resolved Child education, 2 year old, notification to do next stage of education keeps popping up until crash.

    Summary: See title, there is also another thread with the same issue although the issue appeared at 8y/o child education notification. How to...
  4. Landenor

    In Progress Child Birth Location and Attribution

    Summary: Child is being born to My Brother Jatu and his Wife Elys, while both are serving in my Party. We are deep in Vlandria. Alas the Child's location is in Chaikand. Checking the Family list on my clan tab, the name of the Child is "Baichar" [space] of Landenor. My own daughter shows as...
  5. Resolved Lady Needs a Tutor - Give me new family member

    Summary: I was doing the "Lady Needs a Tutor" quest but companion that I was supposed to train died in battle. For some reason his child became a part of my Clan and family member. How to Reproduce: Start Lady Needs a Tutor Quest (Asta) -> Wait for him to find spouse -> Let quest companion...
  6. Resolved Cannot have children / kids even after a year with wife

    *I don't know if this is a bug or part of the game. My character is 37 years old, my wife is 30. We can't conceive a child even after 1 year of staying together. I wonder if it's a bug or not; 'cause if it's not, a heads up would have been nice.
  7. Alphα

    Resolved Unable to have a Child

    Summary: As heroes can die I tried to have some childs. Unfortunately my Wife don't seems to get pregnant. I precise that AI succesfully make babies (visible in logs). Wife name: "Liena" Age 32 -> 38. What I've tried so far: Staying in the same settlement (Wife as gouvenor) during a month...
  8. Unable to have child

    Hello, so I have started a campaign and got married but I'm like two months and still haven't get the girl Pregnant , she is in my party and everything. Am i missing something ? I started a new campaign and got married to sora and still three months in she is still not pregnant and has been in...
  9. Norvell9

    In Progress the face of new borns are not the same as their parents

    when a kid borns,its face\haircut\hair color and many ohter settings are not the same as their parents'.many it's some kinds of inheritance of the both of the parents?i don't understand if you really want to do that.if so,you should try to make every kid looks differently,instead of everyone...
  10. Norvell9

    Resolved 1.5x new borns are not available in the "family member" of the kingdom interface,and can't lead troops

    First of all,the "kids" i talk about are adult. Ťhe new borns of any clans can't lead troops(kids are not even on the list when i choose the leader of the troop),and they are not 1 of the family "member" in the kingdom interface.the number of a clan is still "2" instead of "3"(should be 1...
  11. Norvell9

    Resolved 1.5x can't see models of kids that are less than 10 years old in the clan interface

    new bug from 1.5x. I can't see the model of kids less than 10 years old.when they are 10,they are available to see in the clan interface
  12. Suggestion: Make it so AI characters can marry each other and have kids

    I've been playing on campaign for a while and have a couple children but there is no one to further my bloodline with. All the other characters are too old to marry and my son who is old enough to actually potentially have kids of his own has no one to marry. Whether introducing random AI that...
  13. DuskoS

    Resolved Wife can't stop getting pregnant, even when outside of party

    So to start I've done the usual, had my spouse in my party for a couple of "seasons" made three kids. Let her have her own party afterwards yet she still keeps getting pregnant (Who the hell is getting her pregnant?), i'm already at the 10th child and she just got pregnant while being imprisoned...
  14. Fuxis

    Need More Info Naming child crashed my game

    Summary: I tried to name my second child, game crashed. How to Reproduce: message: gave birth but it was stillborn /// so I clicked on it and tried to gave name to child , but then game crashed (twice) Media: , identifier...
  15. AlperAga

    No birth for no one in the whole game

    Summary: Married for 4 years and still have no child in this save. But not just me, no character has given birth in the whole campain, as you usually get notified of birth in the notification center, for you or other characters. (Had tons of children in previous campain though) How to...
  16. Tconn8893

    Marry Children off

    I have been playing for a while now and I have a few children, I have asked to get them to marry people but nothing happens, is there a way to get it to work?
  17. Yuninator

    (MOD) Erken yaşta çocuğunuzu partinize katın!

    modun linki benim hoşuma gittiği için paylaşıyorum, size de tavsiye ederim kurulum rardan çıkarıp modules içine atın
  18. Finnvid

    Resolved A LOT OF CHILD

    Summary: 15 childs How to Reproduce: my wife is stuck on a mountain without the ability to move and produces a huge amount of children. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media: no Version: e1.1.0beta Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 Pro GPU:Radeon RX 580 8gb CPU:Intel® Core™ i7-7700 RAM:16,0 GB...
  19. Gustafssonz

    Need More Info Flying child

  20. zarib

    Marriage and having baby

    I got married with love of my life, Yana, Keep her close to me and as a result i got 8 child from her, she died while giving birth to 8th one, Then i married with another kuzait lady, this time i gave her an troop and send away, i dont know how but i got 4 child from her too, she is pregnant to...
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