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  1. Need More Info Pressing J crashes game

    Summary: Well after a certain point in game I got bored and used a trainer to give myself maximum xp in certain skills after I've done that game started becoming pretty unstable crashing %99 of the time when I press J and I noticed that having more focus and attributes on a certain skill gives...
  2. Apocal

    Are initial relations between nobles and notables set yet?

    This is from a long time back and I tried to see what if it was ever implemented but I'm not that good. Does anyone have any idea? @mexxico @Duh_TaleWorlds @Dejan quickedit: Also something else I've been trying to prove/disprove for awhile: While mexxico says there are negative relations...
  3. Need More Info We have Cheaters?!?

    Summary:A clan member told me a player with a chinese name approached to sell him cheats, he claims these cheats are most commonly used in Skirmish mode. Multiplayer hasn't seen much love in development but cheaters should't be allowed to ruin the experience How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if...
  4. Cheat menu

    Is it possible to allow cheats from launcher? I have potato pc so i use Geforce Now, which means i cannot edit local files. :) Yees, im horrible person
  5. Unicornslayer

    Enable console without modifying game files

    I have a potato computer, so I'm using a cloud gaming service to play this game. I really love M&B, but the problem is that I always end up restarting the game because I didn't know about a mechanic or that I'm simply getting wiped out. I've bought this game last week and I have started 5...
  6. Sgtskywalk

    e1.5.0 and e1.5.1 re-enabled cheats

    If anyone wants to have the cheats re-enabled until the next hot-fix comes along, HumanLikeCreature went ahead and released a mod today that re-enables them! A true champion of the people! Link below for his mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2115/?tab=description
  7. Any way to remove attribute cap?

    One of my favorite things about Mount and Blade was having insanely high attributes (NOT SKILLS), usually achieved through importing and exporting or utilizing Cheat Engine. I can edit the value on Cheat Engine to an absurdly high number, but they quickly reset upon exiting the character menu...
  8. PS4 and Xbox players are going to have cheats? Cheats are funny, we want be invencible even using a dualshock!

    I really wanna know If we, console players are going to have cheats like PC
  9. chll

    Geforce now hile kullanmak

    Arkadaşlar Hileleri Geforce Now üzerinden kullanabilen varmı oyunu 100 saatte bitirdim bitirdim dediğim her yeri ele geçirdim artık hileleri kullanarak yeni bir oyuna başlamak istiyorum fakat dosyaları düzenleyemediğimiz için geforce now üzerinden kullanamıyorum hileleri... :(
  10. Players admit to using macros in MP

    There is a steam discussion about it here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/2144217924396556087/ Clearly, it is cheating, but I thought I should post it here, so devs can see that a good amount of players seem to think its okay to use 3rd party aids.
  11. Need More Info Safety Mode

    I was playing when my game crashed and I accidentally enabled safety mode. I lost the ability to use my cheats. I checked the configuration page and it looked much different from the one you start with to add cheats. Does anyone know how to fix this so I can enable cheats and disable safe mode...
  12. Multiplayer. Hackers already use aimbot in skirmish.

    Today i played skirmish and fought against one interesting guy who was very suspicious because every shot he landed was a headshot and he was incredibly accurate too. He had a link to the site in profile and my teammate asked him if he's a cheater. He answered "i am selling it". - Game released...
  13. nutbreaker989

    Need More Info enable safe mode

    i think enabling safe mode removes cheats my game crashed my first crash btw and ive noticed my cheats where gone i had to enable them again in engine config thus i cant play with cheats anymore on a safe file that is abused by cheats now before anyone roast me for using cheats its guud for...
  14. More troops, Cheat engine

    So I know the game is meant for you to progress slowly but that isn't fun for me i like to be stronger a little quicker. So i downloaded cheat engine, I used it a lot on Warband to get me a few extra troops, But when I do it in here, the troops change in the party tab so I have more of them, but...
  15. Ability Editing

    We all know in warband you could start a new game, export your character editing his money and attributes making him a super weapon (so to speak) I'm just wondering is this feature took out completely ? or is there a way that im missing?
  16. Console and cheatmeanu?

    Are you able to access console in singelplayer to open cheatmeanu?
  17. Kayhan


    Do you think the Game will have something like the Warband Cheat Menu? As far we have seen in one of their older footages, they used health cheats which just like in their older games.
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