1. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  2. OSP Code Campaign Perfect Trade. Best buy/sell Report

    Hi everybody, This OSP can serve as a cheat, or for testing purposes, or for an "easy mode" exploration, or just for fun, why not (this is a game, right? :xf-wink: ). This implements a report that lists the best towns to buy and sell any item. For each item, it searches for the cheapest place...
  3. Need More Info Soooo i cheated... And game running REAL choppy!

    Just want to say I LOVE THE GAME and have put in over 250hours, just tinkering with different things on this save atm, thus the cheating. Summary: Ok so the problems are after leaving the game running for about 12 hours and it click spamming on the sell tab I have 2.14billion gold (not the point...
  4. Edit a specific lord renown

    Hello :smile: Would it be possible to edit the renown of a specific lord ? (in game husband in this case) We are both vassal of the rhodok so he won't ever get a castle/city with his 527 renown. And i'm playing with freelancer mod 1.5 so I'm in his army, so I can't take castle myself (and I...
  5. Juicyfer


    I'm currently trying out different builds. However, I'm streaming the game and have no access to installed files(engine_config.txt) to inset 'cheat_mode = 1'. I figur the audience for game-streaming will grow, and ask for the possibility to enable/disable cheat in the launcher -like Warband. -...
  6. Krin

    Need More Info Got Kicked from TM by anti cheat

    I was minding my own business in team deathmatch, playing and all and suddenly I got kicked by anticheat. It said "query time out" but what the actual frog?
  7. Resolved 1.5.1 Some Ctrl+Key based cheat commands are still not working

    Hello Devs and Fans, in your last Hotfix e1.5.0 you wrote, "Fixed an issue with cheats using key combinations." Whilst teleporting "Ctrl+LMB" works again, some other combinations don´t. With 1.5.1 some cheat key combinations are still not working. I kindly ask you to fix the "Ctrl+T" combo...
  8. Any way to remove attribute cap?

    One of my favorite things about Mount and Blade was having insanely high attributes (NOT SKILLS), usually achieved through importing and exporting or utilizing Cheat Engine. I can edit the value on Cheat Engine to an absurdly high number, but they quickly reset upon exiting the character menu...
  9. iazlur

    Cheat reporting

    Hi, Yuefo, a player playing as a group of 4-6 are making insane score eveygame im playing versus thoses guys. Please do something, the cavalry with very long "falx" is just totaly broken. Edouard, Beta tester
  10. chll

    Geforce now hile kullanmak

    Arkadaşlar Hileleri Geforce Now üzerinden kullanabilen varmı oyunu 100 saatte bitirdim bitirdim dediğim her yeri ele geçirdim artık hileleri kullanarak yeni bir oyuna başlamak istiyorum fakat dosyaları düzenleyemediğimiz için geforce now üzerinden kullanamıyorum hileleri... :(
  11. Bag in Multiplayer with cheats

    Hello, I accidentally discovered that two cheats from the singleplayer work online to restore HP and restore HP: Ctrl + H and Ctrl + Shift + H . Please correct, I believe that in a short time can detect this, and then it will be difficult to kill the enemy, only if not with a single blow. I...
  12. Lord Badfox

    See all party on the map CTRL + T

    If we press CTRL + ALT + T they can see all the units on the map. What was formerly CTRL + T
  13. City inventory

    When entering a city, by pressing your own inventory marker at the bottom left. You will be able to see the cities inventory as well (Not a city owned by the player) You can promptly withdraw any item you see without being charged, then you can resell any of those weapons back to the city.
  14. Lord Recruitment Exploit

    Greetings fellow Mount and Blade family and game staff. I was playing yesterday afternoon and came across an exploit I have tested and confirmed to work in regards to recruiting lords to your faction. Upon getting the 4 question minigame to convince the lord to join your faction the progress is...
  15. Cheats

    Hey guys, I have some cheats to help you in Mount and blade bannerlord. Instal Developer Console mod 1. Open in the main menu the console 2. Load your campain game 3. Write the cheat code in the console...
  16. This exploit is WAY too good

    Forming a party with a companion takes nothing so you can form and disband near one of your castles for unlimited, free cav. If you get a Vladian companion then he will start with ~5 cav, rinse and repeat and now I have 60 cav with a garrison of 600. Food becomes a problem though.
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