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character creator

  1. nereid

    In Progress [1.6.4] Stopped animation during character creation

    Summary: Stopped and/or wonky character animation during the character creation. For example during clicking on the voice icon and getting the different sounding voices will freeze the body of the character and the mouth will be the only thing moving or in some cases the whole character is...
  2. Keimpe

    In Progress From first launch this bug still exists

    Summary: Male voice character is always 1. How to Reproduce: Try to change the voice of the character. And notice it always defaults to voice 1. No cheat codes Computer Specs: Irrelevant.
  3. Sart

    In Progress Character Creation Menu UI Bug

    Summary: Opening character editing menu resets the (female) character's voice option to "1". I have to change it to "2" again all the time. How to Reproduce: Open V button menu, barber menu or multiplayer character customization menu. Your (female) character's voice option will always be "1"...
  4. In Progress [Character Creation][1.5.8] Empire Default "Culture" or used names are Battanian

    From 1.5.8, the empire is using Battanian names in the random name generator, instead of pulling from the cultures.xml I have a custom cultures.xml for the empire, and it longer is using those, but instead getting names like "Luichan", etc. As a side note, loading items above native to have...
  5. Hylum

    [Suggestion] Character Creation

    Hi, Please make it so players can save there character so it can be used for another new game later. Having three or more saved created character slots would be super nice! Also the male short facial hair seems to be bugged and does not show up on the characters face. Thank you,
  6. feng

    [Mod Request] All hairstyles for both genders

    Hi friends, I would love to have my spouse wear her hair HE MAN style. Is that possible? Many thanks in advance!
  7. Campaign map fixes? Snowballing?

    Is there any way to export and import a character (and possibly their army) to a new game without breaking the game? Its day 167 and the Western Empire is already gone and the Vlandians have begun snowballing, is there any way to reset the map to its vanilla stage? or will I have to restart my...
  8. All Men are Heavyweight UFC Fighters

    Earlier in development, we saw body weight as a character creation feature (as a slider). Can this be re-introduced into the game so players can (within realistic limits) make their characters skinnier or fatter? This will be VERY important for multiplayer roleplaying and singleplayer immersion...
  9. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Negative feedback after a day worth of playing

    First off, I expected forums to be more restructured for early access release, community managers did a piss poor job preparing for such a major event. You have people encountering bugs, typos, balance issue and coming up with questions regarding the way game is designed and all they have is...
  10. LewdGeek

    [IMPORTANT][SUGGESTION] Character Preset Save.

    It will be very nice to have a Character Preset Save, because with all those saving being corrupted by each update or patch, it will be nice to just create our character from a save preset with did in the past. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work guys.
  11. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Character creator needs presets and warning messages

    1. With how complex new character creator is, there really should be a way to save, export and import created presets. It's a real issue right now, when there's a handful of critical bugs that can block your playthrough, not to mention upcoming updates that most like will cause issues with old...
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