character background

  1. anoddhermit

    Improvements to new game/character creation

    Choose your Character's Culture screen - There is a huge amount of unused space here that could be used for better information. For example, if I click on Battania, it tells me nothing that would suggest I can find the strongest foot archers in this faction - this is one of the main reasons...
  2. bchv

    Alternative main quest trees / clan focus

    The main quest of the game tends to make all campaigns just flat with two possibles outcomes: be a kig or support a king.... In the sandbox concept i think it lacks of choices and make all player characters be what its supposed to be a "bannerlord" (i get it, its the title of the game). But in...
  3. Locksher

    WB Other Can I choose my character creation(backstory) menu?

    So, I've been playing multiple mods and I really like the RP aspect of it at the beginning(character creation), where you pick your background. I've also noticed some mods are missing the background feature and the character creation is oversimplified. Is it possible to use one mod's character...
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