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  1. Rangah

    Killfeed color change

    Would it be possible to give us an option to make the killfeed red and green only? At the moment, due to the different colors of factions, it's sometimes hard to tell in the heat of the match if your teammate got the kill or not. Enemy teamkills/suicides should also show up as green, or in the...
  2. Bandit and looter troops

    Bandit troops should be recruitable and upgradeable when you take them as captives having the veteran respect perk at level 150 leadership is ridiculous. Early game getting looters and upgrading them would be fantastic. Not so needed when you have a hundred and fifty leadership mid to late...
  3. RodLimitless

    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    So a little about who I am --> My name is Rod, I'm a twitch partner, and I've competed in various games at a highly competitive level. I've experience in MMOs, RTS, shooters, and so on. In 2015 I was ranked #7th rogue in World of Warcraft and competed in the BlizzCon regionals, and in 2017 I...
  4. Re-playability

    Just wanted to point out that the number of players still playing the game is down over 90% (per steam chart). The re-playability of the game is almost non existent. And from asking over a dozen friends, the main issues are mostly in the beginning of the game. First, developing relations to be...
  5. Lord Badfox


    Hi friends I come to propose a change regarding pregnancy in the game. At this time it is very frequent, it seems correct to me that it be corrected or modified so that we can achieve it through a dialogue with our wife. For example. "I'd like to talk about something" "How about we have an...
  6. Bandit hideouts change

    Would be great to change dealing with hideouts, something like siege them or let us choose men who will go with us or waiting till night is that necessarily? Also these forest bandits in hideouts are insane and very hard to deal with (insane aim). I think players would apperciate that.
  7. Laytovuy

    Add menu "bug" or "suggestion" in game.

    Add a panel "find bug" to the game, with the ability to add photos. Can add select zone "bug" on photo, and comment. This will appear in your history messages or suggestion in game. And developers can mark as read or done, or reply. And add be able to customize before battle model of behavior...
  8. gbriel

    In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

    Starting yesterday morning, 7am MST, my game started crashing every in-game day, right when the "Daily Gold Change" happens. The funny thing is, when I boot up the game after the crash and load my most recent autosave, which is usually a few minutes before the crash, the Gold Change never...
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