1. NPC-lords suicidal when declaring wars, no strategic thinking. No challenge after becoming the strongest kingdom.

    I'm in the very end game. I've left 2 castles for Rhagaea, my kingdom has all the rest towns and castles. My kingdom's strength is 37000 against her 1000. Yet, she keeps declaring wars. Me: "Oh come on! Are you completely insane?" Rhagaea: "What?" Me: (slaps forehead) Every war I fought, was...
  2. Boar Champion

    Challange Idea!

    If the game is too easy for you, try this: 🪓He-Man Challange🪓 1. Only wear armor that doesn't cover your top like like Highland Kilt over Tartan Trousers 2. Only use axes and throwing axes Your character should look like this:
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