1. Unresolved CD Key Issue for Steam

    Hey everyone. I thought I would hop onto the original Mount and Blade again. When I normally launch my game through steam, it gives me a popup with a CD Key which I usually dont mind. Instead of what I usually do which is just copying the code so it will close, I checked the box that says do not...
  2. Unresolved Cannot join servers

    Servers aren't showing up. When I click join servers it says "retrieving information from servers(5)" yet nothing shows up, 0 games and 0 players filtered. The server filters are all good. I've tried setting it on no players and compatible with module off, game type off, ping limit off. Nothing...
  3. OliverWu

    Modding Tools not showing in Steam Library if the game is claimed by purchasing the CDKey

    Hi Taleworlds, Some of my friends reported an issue about installing the Modding Kit today. They found that if their game is purchased via CDKey, especially in Russia and China. They cannot access the Modding Tool. Is this true? Will this issue be fixed in the future? Thank you.
  4. fastboy1998

    Resolved Can not join servers

    I have bought mount and blade warband on CD and napoleonic wars on steam. At some point in time i uninstalled it. Recently when i reinstalled it the multiplayer does no longer work. When i try to connect to a server it displays a pop up window saying "unable to connect to server". Seconldy it...
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