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  1. Unresolved CD Key Issue for Steam

    Hey everyone. I thought I would hop onto the original Mount and Blade again. When I normally launch my game through steam, it gives me a popup with a CD Key which I usually dont mind. Instead of what I usually do which is just copying the code so it will close, I checked the box that says do not...
  2. GG Cannon

    Are we gonna receive a CD Key in the future?

    I'd really like to add Bannerlord to my account here in so it shows in the forum. I already have all the previous games, M&B, VC, NW, WFaS and Warband, the only one remaining to be added is Bannerlord, but there is no CD Key to Bannerlord in my...
  3. Mackles

    Seeing CD Keys in Steam

    Currently unable to view CD Keys for Bannerlord in Steam, so can't add it to the Taleworlds forum as an owned game. I believe this feature is determined by the developer, as this is working for Warband and WFAS. Should be able to: 1 - Right-Click game in library 2 - Select Manage 3 - Select CD...
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