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  1. Norvell9

    when will the imperial basic cavalries come?

    I can't stand it.It's unbelivable that a BIG,LARGE (though it's been divided)EMPIRE on the plain have no BASIC cavalry troops(Bucellarii is not).Wow, are you even thinking about it TW? because it's funny that Battania —— the kingdom in the forest have much more BASIC cavalry troops than empire...
  2. HiredGun_Cooper

    Favourite army builds.

    So far my most enjoyable army build was go Genghis khan style and created an army with 90 Heavy Horse Archers and 50 heavy Lancers. This made my army so fast across the campaign map I could catch any lord and so decided to target the largest kingdom and went round executing their lord's untill...
  3. Hiçbir konuşma balonuna basılmıyor

    Selam beyler oyuna gelen son güncellemeden sonra hiçbir konuşma seçeneğine basamıyorum çıkamıyorum bile sadece ana menüye dönebiliyorum
  4. Grath

    Resolved Issue with callouts during battle

    Whenever I go with cavalry by pressing number 3 it highlights the right troops but for whatever reason the character just shouts out footmen. Any reason why this is happening? Or simply it's a bug?
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