captured hero

  1. Need More Info Wants lord to be captured bug stuck (no crash but unplayable)

    Summary: I got quest from Vashorki that he wants Mehir to be captured. My fellow lord Lek captured him first while we were war with khuzaits and when i asked him to speak with Mehir then it will automatically lead to battle between me and Lek party. We are from same kingdom. After defeating them...
  2. Resolved Herd Penalty When Escaping Captivity

    Lost a battle Got captured Trying to get home, but my speed is 3.4 I am alone, with a horse, not overburdened Seeing a herd penalty of 3.99. This is mostly what is taking me from the base speed of 4.99 to 3.4 What herd?!? I have no pack animals, sheep or cows. I have the horse I am riding, 1...
  3. Way Point

    Is there we can select a gathering spot that our companions will try to get back to if they have been captured?
  4. Hero being captured, cant find her for the life of me

    Ok, so in Spring I sent Irya on a mission for a village elder. Good stuff you can risk to lose a hero if you sent them on side missions like that, a bit less if you start up north for a mission still up north and steppe bandits capture them and drag her down to Ain Baliq. Now, I keep receiving...
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