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  1. Need More Info [MEGA GLITCH] Usurpation and executions

    You can chase an arbitrary non-enemy lord (including the king) in the sandbox with deaths, attacking units of looters for a joint battle and after end shoot his head, with a certain probability he will die. If you are not lucky, then you need to wait until it restores 20% and repeat. We get a...
  2. Paralı Klanlar Var Oluş Nedenleri ?

    Sizce de bu paralı klanların oyuna çok güzel etkisi olacakken yüzeysel bırakılmamış mı ? Bence bu klanların parayla yanına çekmekten daha fazla amacı olmalı. En basiti bu klanlara tarafsız bölge olsa yani etkileşim yapabileceğimiz bir yer (Önceki MB lerde olduğu gibi ) O yerlerde yan görevler...
  3. Azote73

    Rain on singleplayer?

    Hi... well just that.... no rain on the campaing map? when will be have it? sorry for my english am from argentina.... hope one day we have this
  4. Development suggestion

    Hello everyone! I'd like to share my idea of developing campaign mode in Bannerlord. At first i want to say that i love M&Bs and Bannerlord is a great game and im amazed that devs still listens to us. That's why im writing here my idea of campaing mode. I'll try to write as clear as possible...
  5. (Sugestion) Spending influence to call out nobles and companions

    I understand there is no medieval social media or phones, but i find really troublesome to find people while being in the biggest kingdom with everybody spread out around its territory and fighting in all fronts.. its just... I suggest a way to send messenger birds to call out someone to meet...
  6. Diplomacy improvements

    Hello there, I think the bannerlord´s diplomacy could be improved a little bit more, here some suggestions: Note: Dont know if some of that stuff is already implemented. *Alliances with other kingdoms: I think it would be cool, to have a way to forge alliances between kingdoms, maybe, based in...

    Perdonad que lo ponga en español. Jugando la campaña me desapareció de repente la misión de "hablar con 10 nobles sobre la batalla" y me aparecieron 2 misiones para encontrar 2 partes de un banner en 2 hideouts. Completé las misiones y no ha pasado nada, porque no hablé previamente con Istiana...
  8. SenseiGuard

    SP MP Campaign Co-Op

    I have just started the a project of multiplayer support for campaign. We can play Bannerlord with our friends from LAN. I'm going to notice you about devblog in this post and my twitter account. You can check it
  9. margareth

    Do i need make a new save?

    Do i need make a new save every hotfix? i just ask because i see lots of people saying "i need make a new save" but for what?
  10. Need More Info Savaş esnasında fps dropları

    Savaş esnasında sayı fark etmeksizin 3 te olsa 5 te olsa fps 10 dan aşşağı iniyor oynanmaycak hale geliyor özel savaş ta biraz daha rahat ama orada da fps sorunu var sistem özelliklerim önerilenden sistem özelliklerinden daha iyi
  11. ozturka

    [Constructive Feedback] | What do you guys think about them?

    I don't know if the below format would be helpful. However, these are what I saw lacking so far. If it looks helpful, I will continue posting such things the more I play. 1) Inventory Item Preview – First Screen In the “Preview” screen, the first stance of the item position requires extra steps...
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