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  1. Fell

    Quick Question about new game Options - Enable Birth/Death

    So does this mean that factions will lose lords overtime (death in battle or executed), but are never replaced (faction/clan depletion)? I guess I'm just unsure about the grind cycle and still want the 'theoretical' infinite campaign.
  2. Resolved Game crashes when starting a new campaign

    Crash report ID: 2021-02-06_18.38.23_631fe40b823dbfb4e333123dee8b925d Summary: The game crashes whenever I try to start a new campaign. It shows the loading screen and then crashes How to Reproduce: Start a new campaign Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 (x64) GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming...
  3. nereid

    [1.4.3-1.5.0] New Campaign starting Renown is 0

    Hi, since 1.4.3 the starting renown is always 0, completely ignoring any of the selected background.
  4. Unresolved crash on starting new campaign

    see my previous post. now with updated code: 2020-04-11_13.31.57_26f885da28d26ece109dc2ed81253074 is there anyone that can help me?
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