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campaign scene

  1. AndreasGreenLive

    Scene modding Singleplayer, request / Tips?

    Hello friends! I have what I imagine is something not everyone would want but that I desperately desire for my playthroughs, is there any possibility to turn all land battle scenes into desert scenes only? I really love the desert scenes over all other scenes when it comes to normal land...
  2. Aposynth

    Resolved Can't play Mu'Tere with Noble Ladies

    Summary: Yeah, I didn't know where to put it, so I just posted it in general section here, I can't play Mu'Tere with the Noble Ladies (right now I'm on the quest to find a lady to marry and from earlier versions I remember playing games with them to improve relations). When I try to make a...
  3. Bunduk

    BL Scening Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    Hello i created an map and in editor i can see my atmosphere. When i click on save to scene button and leave the editor and start the custom battle its not applyed to my map but in editor yes. Is there a way to make custom battle or campaign scenes with the atmosphere editor?
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