1. RTS camera

    Pretty new here so excuse if this has been done to death already, I can't seem to find any other threads relating to this...which surprises me. Anyone know if there's any plans to introduce the same, or at least similar, functionality in game that the brilliant RTS mod does? (that now doesn't...
  2. WouLinX

    Campaign Map Camera Turn with Q and E Keys

    Can you please add camera turn with Q and E keys on the campaign map. I got so used to it from other strategy games. Frankly, it is very useful.
  3. WouLinX

    Campaign Map Camera Turn with Q and E Keys

    Can you please add camera turn with Q and E keys on the campaign map. I got so used to it from other strategy games. Frankly, it is very useful.
  4. can you make 3rd person function the same in Multiplayer / Singleplayer

    As said above I noticed that when not moving in singleplayer when looking around your player does not follow the camera as such. - Singleplayer Yet in multiplayer when moving the camera your character always follows the camera as such - Multiplayer Does anyone know how to make the...
  5. Broad Suggestions for Immersion

    Some suggestions mostly for NPC and specifically NPC lord behaviors. As your Renown and Influence grows, it would be neat if you started attracting lords, and even minor factions to your banner. Everything has to be started by the player, which can get a bit tedious - as it feels like you're...
  6. Lord Blueberry

    Re-enable freelook in first-person view

    My suggestion: Re-enable freelook in first-person view The fact that this feature (first person use of ~ key by default) has been deliberately removed from the game doesn't make sense in relation to other implements that were made to the benefit of realism. Gameplay wise, to those daft enough...
  7. stevehoos

    Resolved Unable to move camera after being knocked out

    Summary: Can't move the camera after being knocked out in a fight. How to Reproduce: Get knocked out in a battle Quest/Settlement Name Media (Screenshots & Video): N/A (Can Get on request) Version: 1.5.1 with hotfix on 9/2 Installed community-made modifications: N/A Computer Specs: MSI Predator...
  8. Need More Info Graphical artifact covers the camera view

    Summary: The 3D model or perhaps the texture from my character or somewhere, covers the viewport camera in 3rd person randomly, blinding me while playing. How to Reproduce: Enter a tournament at Baltakhand and just move the camera around in 3rd person view. Randomly "covers" the camera view...
  9. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [Camera] [UI] Troops Icon hiding the users Camera.

    Summary: Troops Icon hiding the users Camera. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 2 Version: 1.0.8 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Start a fight or an Hideout Quest Make your troops following you by pressing F1 and F2 after. Press shift to zoom and Observe your troops...
  10. Need More Info Extreme mouse sensitivity when using right click to pan/rotate camera when playing on steamlink

    Summary: When using right click to rotate the camera in the strategic map while playing via steam link (with mouse and keyboard), the camera moves super fast and choppily to the point that rotating the camera usefully is impossible. Mouse and keyboard functionality seem normal otherwise when...
  11. Joja

    Multiplayer suggestions - Equipment system, Banners, Battle mode, Character names, Camera

    Please change equipment selection (at least for battle mode) similar to Warband and With Fire and Sword When I was playing Warband or With Fire and Sword in online mode I never knew how brilliant the equipment system is, and now it's missing - it is always like that, you recognize what you...
  12. Need More Info Bug: Self-Icon Hidden Behind GUI Panels

    Summary / Reproduction: Whenever my character is off-screen, there is an icon to indicate where I am (it follows along the border of the screen). This icon has a lower depth than information panels, so it gets lost often. This is particularly noticeable when I am in a joint-army and my camera is...
  13. Suggestion: Camera During Siege, Post-Death Should Work Differently.

    When I die mid-siege, it moves me to spectator mode. I'm this floating camera. That's cool. But when I try to fly through the main gate of the castle / city, my camera teleports above the castle. I can't actually move my camera through the main gate. I actually can't move my camera through any...
  14. Need More Info Imperial scale barding obscuring lords in chats

    Summary: When Imperial Scale Barding armor is equipped on player's horse, the feather ornaments obscure lords when chatting to them How to Reproduce: Equip Iperial Scale Barding armor on a horse and go talk to any lord on the world map Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.0.6
  15. Need More Info Player Head Model visible in First Person after entering a new area

    After entering an area with the first-person camera, the player head model (including helmet and facial hair) is partly visible. However, the problem will be fixed when changing the perspective until entering another area with the first-person camera.
  16. Allow me to toggle off foliage that would otherwise block the camera

    Allow me to toggle nearby foliage transparency via hotkey (or make it automatic). This will allow me to see when riding through a forest on horseback without tilting my camera down to the ground, but still make it hard for archers shooting into low visibility.
  17. Need More Info Firts person view problem

    Hello! Im sorry for my english. I have a problem with first person view. It looks like camera inside helmet. I have all FOV possible and it happens. This is a image from my game. I hope you can resolve. The only way to fix it its change the vision from first person to third person and back to...
  18. DagonWat

    Need More Info Camera Angle

    Main Point: Camera angle after loading of the game is always the same angle Expected: Camera angle after loading is the one, you saved the game on. Details: I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it will be more convinient that the angle of camera at the moment of the save will be...
  19. NotApplicable

    Camera height sliders + Left and Right shoulder views

    Camera height sliders - For players more accustomed to traditional third person camera perspectives. Personally, I find myself frequently using the view character button while roaming around the towns and cities, or while riding on horseback, as the default M&B camera occludes so much of the...
  20. Need More Info Helmet/Face/Hair/Beard Visible in 1st Person view

    Whenever initially spawning in a town, city or battle map in the 1st person view, parts of the player character's helmet/face/hair/beard will be visible and obstruct the view. If the player then switches to 3rd person view and back to 1st person view, this will no longer occur for that area...
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