1. HenrykSikora1683

    Henryk ban appeal

    Your nickname (steam username): Henryk Server & Time (if possible): DuelNA, presumably sometime yesterday A short description of the situation: Basically what happened was I was minding my own business dueling someone when a guy known simply as "Yes" began attacking me from behind. In the video...
  2. Duel server troll, Henryk. Can't play troll servers

    Hey, I have been getting griefed in duels by a player called Henryk. I made a mistake and dueled his partner, apologised and now he wont stop griefing me making me unable to play duel servers peacefully.
  3. TheBerserk

    Do you think Callum or other CM really communicates the requests of the players ?

    ...or is this another problem ?
  4. Banned YET AGAIN

    This is the third time I have been banned the first time 6 weeks for "TKing" which got reversed after examining the evidence that I did not TK. The second time I was banned for a day again for TKing but this never happened as I only TKed in warmup in skirmish and one unintentionally as an...
  5. Banned for 6 weeks for teamkilling??

    For the past two weeks I've had issues with logging into multiplayer. It would just say "Can't log in" and I couldn't play with my friends. I would try daily to log in and post regularly on this forum looking for any assistance. Then today I try to log in and it's telling me that I'm banned...
  6. Can we finally get the option to disable death?

    Can we finally get the option to disable death? I can't continue to play a game without seeing nobles, settlement notables dying every day, some towns are literally emptied. I understand this is EA, but if you want us to try out and contribute our ideas to your game, you should at least take...
  7. Kortze26

    2 weeks since the last hotfix, 7 weeks since the last full update

    What are the chances that we can get an update on how the bugfixes are coming along that cropped up with the code refactor? There are some really good games coming up starting next month with Baldur's Gate 3, followed by Crusader Kings 3 in September. I've been an ardent follower of Bannerlord...
  8. Resolved Bannerlord Critical BUG *Ban System*

    I found a bug in multiplayer matchmaking system. If you get banned 300 seconds, your friend sets up a party and searches for a new match. Thanks to this, you can enter the game. I Have video proof. Video : My Steam link :
  9. JohnStark

    cinematic camera for bannerlord!

    Hello to all dear friends I have been working in the field of film and series production for several years In fact, I use open world games to create scenes ... For example, in GTA,V game you have good tools called cinematic cameras You can shoot videos from different angles and create beautiful...
  10. CeyXiong

    Resolved Crash on Gentry Mission

    I accepted a mission from a Khuzait Gentry but when i press J mission had given to me -1 day. I think crash becouse of this. Please fix this. If i try walk around with my party game's crashing. But when i enter any city not happening any thing i can walk around street i can fighting in arena. So...
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