1. Need More Info 1.5.9 butterlib causing crashes, again

    Butterlib keeps being responsible for my game crashing on launch screen. First time I redownloaded the zip files, unblocked them, and the game run ok. Then I (foolishly) updated butterlib and the game started crashing again, first in campaign map, now on launch screen. My previous solution...
  2. Resolved Can't toggle on mods in 1.5.9. help

    Some time ago my game started crashing on loading screen, I unblocked the zip files and reinstalled the mods, now all the mods in the launcher except butterlib, harmony, MCM and UIextender are impossible to toggle on. I reinstalled the game, my mods don't have dependencies, help.
  3. buckZor

    Latest v1.5.4 HOTFIX broke ButterLib! Can we revert within v1.5.4 via Steam?

    Hello, my mods, and thus savegame, rely on ButterLib. The latest v1.5.4 hotfix pushed out through Steam has a conflict with ButterLib. I was playing late last night without issue now today I am dead in the water, can't launch game. Is there anyway for me to revert my v1.5.4 build back, or do...
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