1. lukethisup

    [Bug?] Slight Freeze/Delay After Scene Change in Overworld (b1.5.4)

    Hey Butterlords, I have just returned to check the state of the game & have been pleasantly surprised that many issues I had noticed are getting handled. This is great! Unfortunately I have been encountering an issue that is either due to previous mods, or that I can't seem to articulate well...
  2. Voting for Fiefs... cant be Working as intended right?

    I'm talking mostly about how the abstain option lowers your relation with the entire realm. I literally have to ignore the kingdom screen whenever my realm captures a territory so I don't get stuck having to vote, because just ignoring it doesn't lead to me tanking my relations with the entire...
  3. Need More Info Troops stuck at Husn Fulq

    Troops stuck at Husn Fulq and also I have already killed Meritor and He still shows up (he is the one stuck inside)
  4. Limit the number of ally troops you can wound/kill without penalty

    I successfully used the following method to easily get some fief (in this case castle). While the castle was under siege I've joined attacking forces and started killing them with a bow while replenishing ammo from dead bodies and arrow's barrels. I had to kill over 250 allies (not my troops)...
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