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  1. IProfessor

    Need More Info Multiplayer Costumes/Clothes (Cosmetics) BUG

    Summary: It's a simple bug but not fixed at all for a time and its not just on me its global multiplayer bug. Most cosmetics are buggy in multiplayer game, clothes doesnt fit or when you wear some helmets, your hair or your mustache disappears makes you look like bald exc. (for example aserai...
  2. In Progress Helmets with mail coif clip through male characters

    Summary:in story mode when equipping a helmet with a full mail coif the coif clips through the collarbone area, I've been doing tests for days and it seems to be tied to the character age, on sandbox mode with a character aged at 20 it doesn't happen but once the character aged it clips through...
  3. Luizfabbr99

    Armors Bugged for Custom Troops(but only mine)

    So as you can see on the screenshots when the troops is on encyclopedia or another parties that is not mine(AI, SETTLEMENTS ETC) some of the equipments is bugged or even invisible. But when the troop is on my party in battle they are fine... Note that if in battle the same troop will present...
  4. Head hood visual bug (v1.2.0)

    Hello @TaleWorlds Since beginning of the game release, head hoods still look buggy with many "nails" passing throw the fabric : Can you fix this please ? Thank you @TaleWorlds ! :)
  5. Dmitrov

    In Progress Men in women's dress

    Summary: Men born from nobles and when they come of age they are in dresses and crowns when it makes no sense. It's immersion breaking How to Reproduce: many nobles will come of age in dresses in the game. If you look you will see Scene Name (if related): none Media (Screenshots & Video): none...
  6. TeenBrunette

    In Progress Flotaing Horse Hareness

    Playing without mod, so basic vanilla, game, I had noticed that the Horse Hareness are floating and not atached to the skeleton. This is happnes only with the other Npcc: with Player npcc there is no problem, so following some screenshot.
  7. In Progress Luxury Brigandine Armor (Art Bug)

    Summary: Luxury Brigandine Armor (Battania): The sleeves stay present when equipping any gloves or arm armor. Reporting bug to TaleWorlds as this has been ongoing since early-access release; I could not find any threads or reports about it. How to Reproduce: Find armor in game and equip gloves...
  8. erden520

    In Progress Crowns don't fit character's head

    Crowns don't fit character's head. When you look from down to up or from up to down with mouse to character's head, there is a gap towards front and that looks very weird and bugged. I guess you should take position of crown to back and take down the front side of crown. I mean position of...
  9. erden520

    Resolved (1.5.7) and (1.5.8 - Beta) Helmet Visiual Issues

    I was posted in 1.5.6 already, 1 community supporter answered me and said "I informed devs about the issue" but this problem still exist. Helmets' visors are above to character's eyes. Here is NORMAL: ( https://prnt.sc/yenpie , https://prnt.sc/yenoss ) NOT NORMAL: ( https://prnt.sc/yenlxg ...
  10. erden520

    Helmet issues after 1.5.6 update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: https://prnt.sc/wm4oq1 / After: https://prnt.sc/wm4rr0 . I hope you fix this.
  11. Rycon Caldestan

    Resolved 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

    Hey all, I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods. Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had...
  12. LuProHD

    In Progress I had an graphical bug in an battanian tournament!

    The last enemy in the tournament was Guaran and i think he had the warlord bracers since they are really bugged even when i put them on my own! Here is an screenshoot from the problem: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-KFrdC2RyGlkdamfjx8Lz0GPlihW53M-/view?usp=sharing
  13. LewdGeek

    Resolved [Equipment] - [Bug] Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted.

    Summary: Worn Highland Noble Bracers are corrupted. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 4 Version: e1.5.5 Prerequisites: N/A Step to Reproduce: Find the item Worn Highland Noble Bracers. Equip it. Observe the model/mesh Attachments: N/A Note: N/A Actual Result: The bracers are corrupt and...
  14. Resolved Missing Texture bug

    Summary: I recently installed the 1.5.0 Update and a couple of items have missing textures and appear as just pure white, and others like the new Battanian chain mail and the horse full chain armor are completely non existent. How to Reproduce: Unknown Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A...
  15. Warbandde Zırh bugu

    Warbandde bayrak konabilen kalkan ve zırhların içleri görünüyo yardım edin
  16. Sid-S

    Visual Graphical Bug/Glitch with certain armor/troop

    Hey I'm having a very weird graphical glitch with certain troop where if the come into the screen the screen turn black with weird visuals. It also happens with an armor I found (check picture) that seems to be coming from the "Eastern Brass Lamellar Over Mail". Also the troops that weird...
  17. Dopppler

    Need More Info Northern Light Harness BUG ISSUE

    It displays badly and the armor does not match the horse. link to my google drive with photos e1.1.1 My specs: GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 Strix OC 6GB CPU: Intel i5 6400 3.3GHz with turbo boost 2.0 MBOARD: MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK CASE: SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T Pure Black RAM: HyperX Predator DDR4...
  18. Salvation1945

    Why does everyone keep leaving my empire for no reason?????

    If anyone can help me every keeps leaving my empire for no reason these are people with over 20 positive reputation and i have given fiefs to but after a month or so they keep leaving??? any tips plz legit payed them over 300k then they leave a month later it doesnt make bloody sense
  19. Northern Light harness model is glitched

    Head armor is inside horse head model
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