1. TheFuriousFinn

    Buff Battanian mail shoulders

    First off, I love the new armour, helmet and shield options for the Battanians. The player is now able to achieve the look of a Gallic warrior of the La Tene period, which has clearly inspired the designers. And it looks great, fitting the general Celtic Battanian theme very well. (See below for...
  2. Abbakus_86

    Khuzait Nomad

    I have looked at the 1.5.5 changes for khuzaits but khuzait will still suck with those changes.Please give the Khan's Guard Glaive to the Nomad. At least that way khuzaits will have a chance in sieges.
  3. Buff spears.

    I don't know if anything was directly changed to spears since the infamous 1.5 (or was it 1.4) patch that changed a lot of the combat parameters, but they've gone from weak beforehand to utterly useless. My suspicions is it's due to the changes made to movement speed but I haven't done much...
  4. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  5. Ling*

    Battania is Extremely Underpowered in captains mode

    We took an opinion poll in our Captains Mode focused discord about who people thought was the worst faction in captains mode: In addition to the general perception of Battania we have match data from our captains mode June 6th tournament that supports this: The players who participated in...
  6. kreamy

    Faction unique formations (tactical adv/disadv) & formation bonuses (buff/debuff) & REAL training ground

    Straightforward. 1) Not only will these formations provide a tactical use, using them appropriately, or with a faction type buff will allow COMBAT to be BETTER BALANCED. by certain buffs & debuffs (can of course be multiple, and be smart). Adds tactical depth, planning in battle and thinking...
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