1. Modded BSOD with armor mods

    Summary: Game crashes with armor mods. Crash usually happens when i open cheat inventory. Sometimes when I enter cities but not keeps (city have market keeps doesn't). some times when loading battle loots. Soo I think it's about listing armor mods items. I tried a lot of mod but it crash...
  2. Resolved Criticial Bug - BSoD

    The game regularily crashes wit ha BSoD: UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION during battles, especially when employing a lot of archers, and volleya - many arrows at the same time. This is ongoing since 1.3, and is not affected by any mod. Reported this 6 weeks ago, not solved since then. Hardware...
  3. Resolved BSOD

    Keep getting BSOD after 1 or 2 hours in game temps are fine latest nvidia drivers e1.4.1 windows10(current version as of 7/14/2020) does a crash dump and then restarts. I've run memory test, check my stability by running stress tests AIDA64 over 2hrs, all pass.... i7 9700k @4.9 ring 4.6 z390...
  4. Yazilliclick

    Need More Info BSOD when resetting trade

    Patched to e1.0.2, save loaded from previous version. Selling at Husn Fulq. Used sliders to queue sell all my pottery and oil then clicked the reset and immediately BSOD (first on this machine).
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