brother marriage proposal

  1. Need More Info Brother Marriage- Missing Spouse

    Summary: I jumped through all the hoops to get my brother a spouse. I spoke with her father and paid a hefty sum of money to buy her hand with my brother. This was sufficient, but when the deed was done the spouse was nowhere to be found. Before starting the conversation with her father she was...
  2. Quanaril

    Çok eşlilik [Bug Report]

    Svana ile evlenmek için gereken adımları atmadan önce, kadının babasıyla konuşup önce ağabeyime (Nogand) mi yapsak diye konuştum. Babası belli bir para isteyince iptal ettim. Svana'ya gidip evlilğe ikna ettikten sonra babası Godun'a geri dönünce belli bir para karşılığı kızını aynı anda hem...
  3. Resolved Brother can't be marryd to noble lady

    How to Reproduce: - Brother leads a separate Party - Talk to a Lord with a Daughter about marriage with your Brother - Lord asks you to meet the Lady - Meet the Lady. No further Dialoge Options - Meet the Lors again. No further Dialoge Options Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media...
  4. How can I put forward a marriage proposal for my elder brother?

    This utility not implemented yet? I plan to make him marry Arwa. We'll form a strong alliance with Aserai and Banu Sarran.
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