1. johnmeade

    Banned for 10years? Not sure I even did anything wrong.... but 10years is abit long for what cursing?
  2. Sea raiders broken?

    so I got a quest from a guy in a town which wanted me to hunt down 2 sea raider group. It lead me to get a 19k denar armor(decorated Northern Hauberk) after the battle. I have been getting tier 4 or more loot from sea raiders before but I think this is just insane tbh
  3. Don't pay off a bigger army

    Essentially I joined a big battle between two empires one of which I am at war with. Afterwards I was attacked by the remnants of the losing sides army which still outnumbered my own troops, while the allied side moved away. I took the option to pay them off to not get attacked. Apparently this...