1. Lt_Nicolas

    (question) Resizing ships collisions

    (Yes, I searched the forums and I didn't find anything regarding tweaking ships models. Not that I have found, at least) Hello there! As an avid tinker, I was messing with OpenBRF and ships. I bumped into some problems when messing with collisions I'm trying to downscale a snekkja to try and...
  2. Swyter

    OpenBRF Redux — A de-rusted, bug-fixed version of the tool

    This is a de-rusted version of Marco Tarini's OpenBRF tool for modding Mount&Blade 1.011 and Warband; it comes with bug fixes and enhancements. Download and change log here: The idea is to keep the program well-maintained, develop it openly, and...
  3. Erundil

    Bugfix for hussar wings

    Hello. I have created a bugfix for hussar wings in With Fire and Sword. The problem with the wings is 1 "missing" feather, see screenshot: (Actually it's not missing, but invisible from this angle - from the other side it looks ok!) I have edited the BRF file, just unpack and paste into main...
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