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  1. oświecony

    SP - General Character editor (family members) for the sandbox

    Maybe the developers would introduce a family members editor to the sandbox? I don't think it would be too problematic. Maybe for a small fee (who wouldn't want to support the creators) I would like to be able to create two or three characters. Surely most would like to play their "second half"...
  2. ulufarkas

    Game-Related Items for Purchase

    I think we all loved atmosphere of the new game. I have several question about it. Will there be physcial version (box) of the Bannerlord? If yes, will it include some game related exclusive gifts inside it? Or will there be option for us to purchase game-related real-life toys/items? Like game...
  3. Linking box M&B to Taleworlds account

    I have 4 M&B games: basic M&B, Warband both from and WFaS (2009) and WFaS (2011) both in box edition. I succeded to link only Warband and WFaS (2011). How can I link basic M&B from and basic WFaS(2009)? When I try to link my WFaS(2009) activation key which is in the box...
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