1. Bow accuracy (small test)

    So, I did a small test on the tutorial level to see exactly how good your character's natural bow abilities are. My first shot went into the wooden roof because I slightly underestimated the dropoff, but the next five went straight into the center. This is not a cherry-picked example, I...
  2. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  3. Completed Test of Chance to get Bow (and crossbow) in Practice Arena

    I just completed a test to estimate the percentage chance to get a bow in the practice arena. It is abundantly clear that the chance to get a bow in the practice arena needs to be buffed in nearly every Faction. According to the results, Battania is the best place for this, with a 52% chance...
  4. Jdue89

    [Suggestion] Rearrange perks / PART 1 (Vigor/Control/Endurance) \

    PART 1: There are multiple skill trees that has perks which needs to be in other skill trees or shuffled around in their current tree, to make sense. lets go though them in order. One Handed: The idea behind the one-handed skill is to act as tank (shields) or opt out for a more balanced...
  5. DIzzyStyle

    Thoughts from M&B 1 veteran

    About my m&b experience - more than 1k hours. 2 completed runs (female and male) In M&B 2 ~ 15-20 fights with 50.2 renown realistic. Clan tier 5. Own kingdom without army (solo) etc. First of all - thanks to dev. They make a good game. Honestly there is a many things that i don't like, but in...
  6. Like a Samboodee

    Mounted Archer (Can't equip bow on horseback)

    The skill says you can equip any bow on horseback but I can't equip the Western Yew Bow on horseback. Am I misunderstanding how the skill works or is this bugged?
  7. WouLinX

    Crafting Your Own Bow, Crossbow & Arrow

    I know that crafting will improve. But if we can craft our weapons for now, why we can't craft our bows, crossbows & arrows then?
  8. Current state of game enforces unfun gameplay.

    Warband was also guilty of this, but let me elaborate. I spent most of my Warband gameplay in multiplayer at The Deluge mod, the one I find being the most realistic (no weird things like jumping attacks, shields crumble after 2 hits and bows are pretty inaccurate) and balanced incarnation of M&B...
  9. Morbo513

    [Balance] Ranged Weapons - Bow/Xbow/Throwing discussion

    Discuss ranged weapons. In WB you needed significant investment into the archery/crossbow skill to make quick and accurate shots, on top of power draw to make the most out of those hits. In Bannerlord, on first impression it feels completely trivial to score hits consistently especially against...
  10. WouLinX

    Okçulukta Crosshair/Aim Değişmeli mi?

    Ben Warband'daki aim sistemini daha çok seviyordum. Okçuluğa ayrı bir zorluk katıyordu ve daha iyiydi. Bannerlord Beta'yı oynadığım süre boyunca okçuluğu aim yüzünden çok sevemedim. Modern shooter oyunları gibi bir crosshair koymak bence okçuluğa yakışmamış. Zaten Mount & Blade'e özgü bir...
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