bow and arrow

  1. BL Coding How to make the AI shoot from further away?

    The range that the AI soldiers start shooting their crossbow/bows seem to be related to the accuracy value of these weapons. I lowered the accuracy of all crossbow/bows by 40, which gave me the results that I wanted, but now the AI refuses to shoot unless the range is close. I'd like them to...
  2. Quality of Life [3rd Person view, Polearm stowed while archer]

    My hero has a normal sized 1H/2H polearm and a bow + arrow. When switching to bow and arrow, the polearm displayed on the back overlays what I am shooting at in the foreground, meaning it is often a 'fire and hope there is something to hit there'. This is in 3rd party view. Is if possible for...
  3. BL Coding Firing range

    there is an idea to make the firing range longer and the parabola of the shot larger but it’s not clear how, I know how to change the damage and speed, but how to make less speed but more than that, the range is not clear, can anyone tell me. thx
  4. GG Cannon


    This is more of an issue in tournaments than on the battlefield, but would still be VERY useful on the normal battlefield as well. Make it so that enemies drop ALL their equipment that can be equipped during a battle and not only the one in his hand at the very moment they die. Example: I am...
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