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body head

  1. Resolved Graphic Bug

    So I have a bug where my character became glitched blob and game became unplayable since im an archer and i cant see **** becouse im too fat. Pls fix it, i've been playing on this character like 100+ hours and it will be really sad if i wont be able to continue my adventure. Actually it happened...
  2. Link69100

    Need More Info Mesh Editor Meshes conflicts

    Hey, I try to import a new model for the base female head and I encounter problems . The morph animations and the rigging seems ok on my model, when I watch it in the model viewer, all the animations works (facials too) . I can import it ingame ,but only with one materials, put multiple...
  3. WB 3D Art Body-Head Color Tone Mismatch

    Hello. I am having a problem. I used a face changer and body changer mod. They are working good seperately. But there is a colour difference between of them. When I change faces, body colours are changing also. But there is a tone difference between of them. I thought I could change the code of...
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