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  1. Neluril

    Resolved Mu Torere broken in lvl3 Vlandian lord's halls

    Summary: Same issue as reported here, except it only occurs in the Vlandian level 3 lord's hall layout (tested and confirmed for both towns and castles) How to Reproduce: Go into the lord's hall of a town or castle of Vlandian culture and with level 3 walls and invite someone for a game of Mu...
  2. Resolved Puluc breaks when oponent takes piece on their row 1

    Summary: Puluc breaks when oponent takes piece on their row 1 How to Reproduce: Play Puluc with any Game Master. Have your piece on row 1. Have your opponent roll a 1 and take it. The piece is now frozen and cannot move. If this occurs while it is their last piece, they are frozen and...
  3. Resolved [1.5.7] MuTorere getting stuck on second move in keep against nobles

    Playing a game of MuTorere against a noble or a family member in the keep results in me being unable to make a move on my second turn. I tried with Lucand, my wife Ira and my sister Alda and it consistently getting stuck, specifically on my second move. I have a short video that shows the...
  4. Neluril

    Resolved Board game broken: Mu Torere - player can't make move to center with any token

    Hello all, Summary: When playing Mu Torere, I can't make any moves to the center (2nd move by the player) How to Reproduce: Location: Lord's halls where the board game is available (cities owned by clans of Vlandian culture) Checked and confirmed in Ocs Hall, Pravend (these are owned by...
  5. Lucian was right

    Can you change Valandia's board game?

    Like, I just find the game far too repetitive to keep playing. Too little choice is allowed by the game. I appreciate the work you guys did, and yeah there are alot of much more important work, but I find it a bit too repetitive for my tastes in a game. Maybe something like Manchala.
  6. Cranky

    Resolved Talbut ai bug / turn stuck forever

    Bug is described already here. Just wanted to pint that on v.1.5.3. bug still exists.
  7. Resolved Cannot make move in Vlandia boardgame

    Summary: I started a game in Vlandian town. My opponent made his move, but I can't make mine. It isn't impossible - both rules and visual feedback (the dot, showing where I can move) are telling me this. But game is preventing me from moving my pawn How to Reproduce: Start playing a boardgame...
  8. Bartoneye

    Resolved Tablut Board Game AI Confusion

    For relevancy, I am running: RTX 2070 32gb Ram MSI Z170A motherboardi7 7700k Kaby Lake Intel processor clocked to 4.20 GHz 850w Corsair power supply Dual 1080p, 144hz monitor setup. Have a little over 400 in-game days, playing an Imperial Male background, married to Abagai and part of the...
  9. Resolved Not a crash, opponent stuck at thinking at board game, unable to forfeit or exit the game

    Opponent has been thinking in 5 min at hard difficulty. Cannot forfeit the game, so I am stuck. Do not know what else to report. Version:
  10. Resolved Visiting lords can't play the board game

    Summary: So far, I managed to play board game only with a governor of given settlement. If visiting lord was asked to play, he agrees but don't move How to Reproduce: Find a settlement, that's visited by a lord. Enter castle/keep, find the lord and ask him to play a game. Notice, that even if...
  11. Resolved While paying a game in a tavern, my opponent froze, you cannot forfeit in opponents turn

    Summary: I was playing Tablut in a tavern when my opponent suddenly stopped taking their turn. I think the character is still moving a bit as I can see hand movements now and again. However as they're not taking their turn I'm stuck in the board game. It would be nice if you at least had the...
  12. OliverWu

    BL Coding How to make a new board game?

    Currently we have board game - Tablut. I want to change that to a new game, such as Go. (assuming still using the same UI of board and chess) I found the `boardgame.xml` and a `boardgame_prec.xml`. Is there any way to change the game with code? Thanks,
  13. Need More Info AI freezes on the imperial board-game

    Summary: AI froze while I was playing against him in Tablut How to Reproduce: No idea honestly, I was playing on hard without bets as black, and got into this configuration: Quest/Settlement Name : Tavern in Phycaon Version: e1.0.7
  14. Resolved Noble won't sit to play boardgame

    Summary: Noble won't sit to play boardgame How to Reproduce: I am visiting the Battanian Lord Ergeon at Aster Castle. I ask him to play a boardgame, and he agrees, but then he just stands there and does not move to sit in his chair. Dialogue includes the option "Actually, I have better things...
  15. Unresolved Lords wont play board games with me

    Summary: I have approached several Lords and suggested we play a board game, they agree, but then they dont do anything. The lord will just stand in the same spot and do nothing even if I go and sit down at the game table. this has happened both with lords of other kingdoms when I was only a...
  16. Board Game Tournaments

    I feel like board games are a fun thing to do on the side, but I feel that there is not much reward; you can make 500 gold off a bet, but the Game Host refuses to play again. Instead of changing this, I feel like there should be occasional board game tournaments held in taverns. When you go to...
  17. Shemet

    Which board game is your favorite and why is the Tablut?

    At first, I was being skeptical of board games in this game. First time I play Tablut I chose to quit it because I was lazy to understand and learn. But now every now and then when I go to a town I challenge ladies and lords, even kings and queens themselves in a game of Tablut. I don't know why...
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