1. Kingdoms too fluid in 1.2.5 and 1.2.6?

    Hi everyone, current player, first post here since I have not seen this being discussed in other posts or YouTube videos on the new beta 1.2.5/1.2.6 patch. I've run a few simulations and it seems like the kingdoms are now a lot more fluid. Specifically: Huge armies form more frequently Kingdoms...
  2. Resolved anyone having issues with ai blobbing in battles/sieges in bannerlord?

    Does anyone else have issues with the AI in the game? specifically how they blob really close together in battles... Typically in battles ai will collide with eachother because of how small their capsules are. On top of this their ai will push through eachother with all their might in order to...
  3. Strategossable

    Rebellions and independence to prevent snowballing

    I have played 11 hours of the new game and have discussed Bannerlord with several of my friends. We all love the game and have massive respect for the work done by the developers, but we all have one collective major issue with the game in the long run - empire snowballing. We have (all 3 of...
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