1. DetektivAro

    WB 3D Art skinning problem in blender

    I was trying to skin a model, but weight paint in blender makes the model extremly dark. I can only increase the deform, cant decrease it.
  2. NicoleUK

    BL 3D Art Bannerlord - Adding custom armour (cloth physics issue?)

    Hey :) So Im trying to add some custom armour into my game but im having some issues that i cant seem to sort... Im basically adding a skirt to one of the chainmail tops, nothing fancy... I have managed to extract the meshes (using Tpac) and editing them in blender and imported it into the...
  3. WB 3D Art Different armor shininess in openbrf and blender

    I found armor looks much better in openbrf than in blender. What settings can I change in blender to mimic the appearance in openbrf? I checked, it's not about direction/intensity of light or anything like that. (I used all diffuse, normal map, and specular map. The spec map is set to...
  4. Link69100

    BL Other HELP Try to replace head of female

    Hey Calradia , I ask for help today because I 'm blocked by a problem during the replacing of the female character head o_O Since yesterday I try to rig my head model on blender and reimport it in fbx to the ressource editor but ... every time the head is not rigged to the skeleton during the...
  5. Squinting Eyes, and how to "prevent" the squinting of characters.

    For the Developers, especially for the 3D Artists-Team, if you wan't prevent those Characters and NPC's from "squinting" with their Eyes... - All you need to do is change the "Eyeball Size" and Adjust the Eyelids, as a Professional 3D Artist working with 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Unity, DAZ...
  6. blanketParty

    FUTURE 3d Modelling for MODS

    Hello! I am looking to get into supporting modders that want to make mods for Bannerlord. I have a little knowledge of blender but im looking for someone to help me to develop my skills. My goal is to know what programs to use so that I can model characters for Bannerlord. If anything just to...
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