1. AmonAmarthAsator

    Need More Info Graphic Bug Figures and Buildings are black

    Hi Since some weeks I'm facing a Graphic Bug. All Figures and Buildings are black. Gras and terrain is well Summary: Graphic Bug Figures and Buildings are black How to Reproduce: Start the Game Have you used cheats and if so which: NA Media: Screenshots Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro -...
  2. Drezavelt

    Resolved Scene Editor BUG: Black texture on Main_Map 1.5.7 & 1.5.8

    Hello there, Summary: When opening the Main_Map (modded or unmodded), either my project or the vanilla one the ground is black. I have verified the files for the base game and the mod tools and uninstalled then reinstalled for both 1.5.7 and 1.5.8. The problem persists. I have followed a fix...
  3. Resolved The Albino Jawwal Clan?

    Just curious... The Jawwal troop trees are all black character models, representing peoples of the "Nahasa Desert" and based off, I assume, the Berbers. Is the use of an almost entirely white Jawwal Clan leading the black Jawwal armies working as designed?
  4. Boozbaz

    Need More Info Black pixels when looters throw rocks

    How to Reproduce: Not sure. I was charging on my horse towards looters and they threw rocks at me. I'm not sure if it was the rocks or a hand-held weapon that knocked the horse out, but as soon as the horse went down, as I was falling forward toward the ground, a bunch of black spots appeared...
  5. Holy Shift

    SP - UI Black Particles

    It doesnt come up everytime but i experienced this two times at tournament and one time one time at a quest village battle. I havent lived this problem before the fixing black particle update.
  6. Resolved Colour dust around players & black terrain, in multiplayer only

    Bug is happening in multiplayer only, it occured automatically, when i installed Bannerlord. Singleplayer is fine and bug have not occured in beta. In sieges, i have to set my setting on low in order to get rid of black terrain, but colour smoke wont go out. In other modes, i have colour smoke...
  7. Com783

    Need More Info Town Pravend (Graphical Black Shadow Squares)

    Summary: Going to Pravend the first time, spotted these unusual graphical black shadow squares in certain parts. How to Reproduce: Having your graphics on the highest and being in Pravend at Sunrise time (I suppose) Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Pravend Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  8. Blackkingdoms (Rus)

    Blackkingdoms (Rus)

    Good afternoon friends. You are visiting the Blackkingdom clan page. You decide to relax or just a lover of the game Mount and Blade. Do you like to play in a team. Join our ranks!
  9. cynicalCo

    Need More Info Battle bug - Black areas around actors

    During my first battle with the raiders after getting the every actor in the scene became covered in these black blocks, including the horses. The fight began normally but after I gave the order to charge the black areas suddenly appeared. The fight continued on until the end like this. I...
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