1. snuggans

    what are the conditions to trigger pregnancy?

    initially i read that the two characters have to be in the same settlement or party, but then i read some 2 year old reddit posts that had governors in two different towns have a baby, and 2 different party leaders also having a baby. i'm wondering if there's just the one way or if theres...
  2. Ixzzhaeldir

    Need More Info My sons dont make babies only my daughters

    Im a king of my own kingdom. I have 2 married sons. I had them marry daughters of leaders of minor clans within my kingdom. However 3 years have passed and they still dont have babies. While my daughters when I gave them for marrige with other minor clans sons in just a as early as a few weeks...
  3. Less Talking More Raiding

    A fleshed out Trait system

    A FLESHED OUT TRAIT SYSTEM Some acquired through your journey, others inherited from birth. (POSITIVE), (NEGATIVE) (RARE), (EPIC), (LEGENDARY) Personality Traits (Already in the game): Calculating Generosity Honor Mercy Valor SUGGESTIONS STARTS HERE Birthed Traits: Twin Highborn Lowborn...
  4. BoogieMan

    Let us toggle death and birth settings individually please.

    Being forced into no death and no births, or death and births sucks. I find complete disregard for player preference baffling. Please let us toggle each mechanic individually and adjust the chances of death in combat.
  5. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.7] Children inheriting culture solely from mother.

    Summary: Children in cross-culture marriages (i.e Khuzait father and Aserai mother) are only inheriting culture from their mothers. In previous versions, sons inherited culture from their fathers and daughters inherited from their mothers. How to Reproduce: Find or set a cross-cultural marriage...
  6. Can someone explain me the upcoming new setting "birth and death" in the 1.5.6 beta patch?

    Does this setting for example disable the Death so my character cant die in battle? And does it disable born to my childs? If so then i dont understand why taleworlds is not making 2 settings one for death so my character can die in battle and one for birth so my character can become kids! I...
  7. AlperAga

    No birth for no one in the whole game

    Summary: Married for 4 years and still have no child in this save. But not just me, no character has given birth in the whole campain, as you usually get notified of birth in the notification center, for you or other characters. (Had tons of children in previous campain though) How to...
  8. Pregnant wife

    In my gameplay, i could see the wife there no limits of how many child she can birth, and she have by pregnant even being away from the player. I don't know it was supposed to be like this but, it seems that we can have a full clan of your heirs bastards or not ?
  9. DukeDunac

    Need More Info [Mother] gave birth to child notification is broken

    Summary: The notification for a mother giving birth doesn't show the name of the mother, as seen in the image. I don't know of anything I could have done to cause this because this has been an issue with every child born through multiple playthroughs. How to Reproduce: Wait for a child to be...
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