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  1. WMorton

    Taleworlds picks favorites and bans people on the whim of their friends' pleas

    Yesterday a current of EU clans invaded NA duel servers looking to cause mayhem and destruction with hordes of warriors sizing up with each other. These nerds wore the tags of KOH and were disturbing the sanctity of our holy server. However the forces of light led by the holy order of SYN...
  2. GG Cannon

    Please, stop making clans quit the kingdom at random. It is infuriating.

    The current mechanic where clans in the player created empire suddenly quit the kingdom at random is really, REALLY infuriating and ruins the fun completely. It makes literally no sense why the Dey Arromanc would suddenly just up and quit my kingdom and rejoin with the Vladians when they have a...
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