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  1. In Progress Companions changing from civilian to battle outfit in villages

    Version 1.3.0 Beta This happens upon opening the inventory, going to a companion and switching between the civilian and battle outfit tabs. The companions suddenly change to their field gear. This behaviour only occurs in villages, not cities.
  2. Schnarchnase

    Resolved e1.3.0 Beta - Smithing 275 gives Engineer Perk

    Issue: the Smithing level 275 Perk option is an Engineer Perk Version: e.1.3.0 Beta Cheers ^.^/
  3. Resolved Savaş boyutu ve Kasma

    v1.3.0 öncesinde 1000 savaş boyutunda rahatça savaşlara girebiliyordum. Tek bir takılma yoktu. Ancak 1.3.0 ile birlikte savaş boyutunu 600 e çekmeme rağmen karakter hareket edemiyor kasmadan dolayı.
  4. Need More Info Khuzait_castle_002: AI drawn to wall near keep, Talking very fast.

    Summary: retreating ai run into wall near keep until there is a small crowd and they are killed or battle is won. After the battle when camera is close to them it sound like many, many voices speaking (maybe as many as died or retreated in battle) How to Reproduce: Khuzait_castle_002 custom...
  5. New faces (1.3.0-hotfix3?)

    As funky as they are, I love them. Great job. They have character, they're memorable, they're ethnically distinct. Exactly what we need. Particularly good ones: Apys, Crotor, Muinser, Luichan, Mimir, Adram, Manteos, Joron, Luichan, Lucon, Hecard, Debana, Asela, Phaea. Even the ridiculous ones...
  6. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Troops that still has questionable skills after 1.3

    Battania: Veteran skrimisher, Battania wildlings, Mounted skrimisher Throwing/one hand/Athletics - Seems to have some wrong value. Upgrading makes troops have lowers skills? Mounted skrimishers have 150 bow and 15 throwing.Obviously they don't have bows. Oathsworn have 130 riding 80 Athletics...
  7. Dreaed

    Need More Info Crashing on loading from save Beta 1.3.0

    Tried loading from save that i started after having the same problem when moving to 1.3.0. So i had this before today and had to restart my campaign, after restarting again my save is not loading after about 6 hours of game play. I Have uploaded my crash. Will past here as well because its the...
  8. Need More Info Crash 1.3 beta when trying to load further into game files

    I have mods active but my games run perfectly stable. Just after some time ingame my save files always get corrupted and wont load anymore. This is the report I'm getting I'm not using any mods that change any of the things stated in the report as i mostly use combat/companion mods. Sorry...
  9. Resolved Doğurganlık

    Açıklama yapma gereği duymuyorum. Resmi inceleyin anlarsınız. insert image hata verdi.
  10. Resolved Bilinmeyen Davranış

    v1.3.0 da haritada dolaşırken köylerin yanında sabit duran köylüler görüyorum. Üstlerine gelince de bilinmeyen davranış yazıyor. Uzun süre bekledim ama hiç hareket etmediler. Bu yüzden şehire ürün gitmiyor ve şehirlerde gıda stoğu azalıyor.
  11. Resolved [Beta 1.3.0] newly persuaded ally keeps confronting me for fight

    After successfully persuading a enemy to join my side, he continues to chase me down, threatening me, talking as if he would fight me, but also calling "my liege", essentially stopping all progress. On a side note, is there a temporary fix I can apply on the dev console?
  12. notsubutai

    Resolved Missing Companion Inventory with Beta 1.3

    After starting a saved game with the beta 1.3 last night, I found that one of my companions was missing from the inventory screen. She is there on the Clan page, in the party screen and physically present in the game but I no longer have an inventory page for her. I uninstalled the beta and...
  13. m4s4mun3

    In Progress [e1.3.0 beta] Alpan The Outcast (companion) absent of the Encyclopedia

    Everything is in the title Clicking on the name leads to Grynad of Andurn
  14. m4s4mun3

    [e1.3.0 beta] No xp from bartering / gifting to lords/nobles

    Hello, I've installed the new beta (e.1.3.0) today and since then I noticed, whether it's gifting or bartering with nobles (I've tried with Altenos gifting and right after Nemos for bartering, some horse for 246 denars), and my Charm stat didn't move at all (stayed 9066xp before and after). My...
  15. Resolved Land tax policy causes decimal point denar daily change

    Summary: Since my kingdom ruler got the land tax policy through, giving him 5% of tax from all villages in the kingdom, I now only receive 95% of the tax. However the game gives really long decimals, which I think isn't the intention. In the screen shot below, my daily change is not 32 or 33...
  16. Beta 1.3 Feedback | Defenders always sally out. Even in 70 vs 600.

    On 1.3.0 beta version, it is impossible to have a siege battle because as soon as a party allied with the defenders (even a very small party) comes close to the attacking army, the garrison sallies out with it. Which makes any siege very easy considering it becomes an easy battle with more...
  17. AI is sallying out like crazy - Beta 1.3

    As title. All the sieges are resolved by the garrison sally out. No matter the odds, the defender usually sally out half way when creating siege camp. Settlements are changing hand at lightning speed right now.
  18. Resolved Can't paste custom banner in 1.3

    I just downloaded the beta branch of 1.3. I created a character and wanted to paste the code of the banner in the banner creation screen. This doesn't work anymore i switched to the main branch and found out it does work on 1.2 but not on the the new beta branch 1.3. To clarify the stepts i...
  19. Edarin

    Resolved BETA 1.3.0'da Karşılaşılan Hatalar ve Çözüm Önerileri

    Başlıkta da belirttiğim üzere BETA 1.3.0'da karşılaştığınız hataları, eğer hatanın neyden kaynaklandığını anladıysanız hatanın kaynağını, hatta yapımcıların işini kolaylaştırmak amacıyla save dosyanızı da atarsanız hepimiz müteşekkir oluruz
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