beta 1.1.0

  1. No Athletics gain from moving around on the map

    I only ever get this skill increased in battles. Which is actually game breaking if you lose your horse and can't afford a new one because literally everyone will catch you at that point since running forever does nothing outside of battles.
  2. Resolved All female NPC's are bald after latest update

    I first thought it was some of my mods but then I launcher the games native exe assuming that actually doesn't load any mods and still all or rather the ones I saw in towns were all bald.
  3. Roguery not being gained from converting bandit prisoners and leading them

    I've tested this in both the beta and the public version of the game. You gain roguery from raiding villages, I'm unconfirmed on whether raiding caravans gives your roguery, but I know for certain that roguery is gained from ransoming prisoners and not gained from recruiting your bandit...
  4. Getting "Forest Speed Penalty" when not inside a forest

    Around the area of Drapend Castle in Vlandia, there is barely any trees there. I can't post images because I have a newly created account but if you look near Drapend Castle you will see literally one tree in the area and I get the speed penalty ways away from that tree. Obviously not a huge...
  5. meandmycats

    Oyun şu aşamada oynanır mı ? (1.1.0 Beta)

    Aldığımdan beri henüz oyunu düzgün bir şekilde oynayamadım oynadığımdan da bir şey anlamadım optimizasyon sorunundan dolayı ancak forumlarda gezinince optimizasyon için program yükleyerek çözdüğünü söyleyenler vardı. Henüz denemedim ancak denemeyi planlıyorum yine de kafamda bir sorun var...
  6. "Extra Throwing Weapon" perk not working

    The perk says I will have +1 if starting battle on foot but I still only have 6 axes starting without a horse on my character. I find throwing weapons needing these sort of perks the most, unfortunately, they don't work for me.
  7. Dialogue options bug

    Ever since going to beta more times than not it won’t let me select a dialogue option and I get stuck in conversation with NPCs and only way out is to restart game. Anyone else with this issue?
  8. Skill gain in beta

    Just trying the new single player beta, to see if it fixes the very slow skill gain. Yes, but it swings it all the way to the opposite. Best example, one of my companions had their one-handed skill rise by 111 points after a battle with a few looters. Is that an error, or is it supposed to make...
  9. VengeanceBringer

    Resolved Rolling Back from Beta build 1.1 to Main build 1.0.10

    I am attempting to roll back my beta build 1.1 to the main steam build 1.0.10. However, when I opt out of the beta and it reverts back it has issues. Specifically, I am able to launch the game (in the 1.0.10 patch) and get to the main menu. Once I hit the "Resume Game" option the game freezes...
  10. Resolved GeForce Now Üzerinden 1.1.0 Beta Sürümü Kullanılabilir Değil

    Merhabalar, oyunu GeForce Now üzerinden oynuyorum. Başlıkta da belirttiğim gibi oyunun beta 1.1.0 sürümünü bu platform üzerinden oynayamıyorum. Bu konuyla alakalı bir çalışmanız var mı? Oyun zevkimizi arttıracak bu sürümü bizler de deneyimlemek istiyoruz. Ayrıca belirtmem gerekir, GeForce Now...
  11. In Progress [BETA e1.1.0] Characters are very dark in Character/Inventory/Party/Clan screens

    This is how they looked before in 1.0.10: And this is how they look in BETA e1.1.0: - with exposition setting set to max (with only medium it is even darker) - with brightness carefully calibrated, and actually having same values as in earlier versions Note that it is only so dark in the...
  12. 1.1.0 Beta Tutorial Charm Bug

    Summary: I completed the training for the tutorial and went to the village. I clicked take a walk around the settlement and then rode up the the Headman. On clicking through the dialogue it added 67 skill points to Charm. How to Reproduce: Talk to the Headman in the tutorial. Unsure if it works...
  13. Need More Info Save game deleted itself on launch, lost 40 hours. [Beta 1.10.0 and e1.0.10]

    I updated to the Beta 1.1.0 and started receiving a crash every time i entered a battle. So i reverted back to e1.0.10. Then all of a sudden i was receiving a crash every time i clicked on the "Resume Game" tab on the main menu. So to test what the issue was i moved my saves to another folder...
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