1. vth_Musketeer

    Resolved Crash when Leaving Lageta

    Summary: I was in Lageta selling some of my stuff. I exited the Trade window. I hit "Leave" to exit Lageta and as soon as I did that my game crashed. How to Reproduce: I don't know. Try going to Lageta, selling stuff, and then exiting. I put my most recent save on upload site. Not sure if it'll...
  2. YouMoMCallME

    In Progress Texture through texture bug e1.8.0 Beta.

    Texture through texture BETA e1.8.0 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version No Mods Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 32gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 gb
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