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  1. otterboi77

    Resolved Game freezes at end of character creation on new game

    Summary: Game freezes at the end of character creation screens. I am left seeing a floating head and 2 forearms of the character created. How to Reproduce: From the launcher mod window, only enable the 4 TaleWorlds core mods, see image below. Then press play. Safe mode prompt window appears...
  2. Koray USTUNDAG

    Resolved Character Creation Screen

    Summary: With the last update, the game crashes on the character creation screen in sandbox mode. It doesn't crash, it just freezes endlessly. I waited for like 15 minutes, nothing changed. The character does not appear after the family screen. It freezes completely after selections. Have you...
  3. In Progress Русский - RU Incorrect translation of a weapon

    Translation Error: "Треснувшяя адарга с орнаментом". Corrected Translation: "Треснувшая адарга с орнаментом". Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: Window of inventory. Screenshot:
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