1. Luminouscales

    Resolved Units can get stuck inside castle walls (Car Banseth)

    Summary: In some way units can find themselves inside parts of the castle walls that are empty, but completely inaccessible. This softlocks the siege, forcing a retreat. How to Reproduce: Unknown. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Unknown - the Car Banseth siege...
  2. Sheepbitter

    In Progress Scene Editor sturgia_dungeon_stair_a & sturgia_dungeon_stair_a_wall use the wrong physics shape

    Summary: 1. sturgia_dungeon_stair_a uses the bo_khuzait_dungeon_stair_a physics shape. 2. Its child entity, sturgia_dungeon_stair_a_wall uses the bo_khuzait_dungeon_stair_a_wall physics shape. 3. They should be using the sturgian versions, bo_sturgia_dungeon_stair_a &...
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