1. spacecaose

    Resolved Way to many bandits (Game breaking)

    Look a thread has already been made, but we need to get this sorted out. It's currently game breaking, these bandit's are way to much. They're not letting anything pass through these lands, and my faction is suffering heavly. Anything that come's close get's swarmed by like 60+ steppe bandits...
  2. Resolved The Khuzaits are being invaded by a horde of steppe bandits

    Just went to the east after fighting for the Vlandians as a mercenary to join the Khuzaits. I was surprised to see the entire steppe was covered in bandit parties. I used console commands to teleport around the map and see how many there were... and I saw hundreds of small parties dotted across...
  3. Resolved E1.5.8 Desert Bandit SWARM

    Since going to E1.5.8 desert bandits are way out of control, like 30-50 bands of them in one area.
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