1. Gustafssonz

    Resolved 1.5.8 Missing Texture/graphics in recruitment-window.

    There is many issues regarding texture that is missing, shadow, "blured" texture, wrong color etc.
  2. In Progress Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord / BETA 1.5.8 / error loading textures!!!

    Привет! ошибка загрузки текстур!!! 10 минут игры!!! ПК: DirectX DirectX 12.0 Тип ЦП HexaCore AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 4200 MHz (42 x 100) Системная плата Asus ROG Strix...
  3. In Progress e1.5.8 wrong cursor shows up on open map, gear symbol shows up in open field battle

    After a battle, a circle with a slash through it (stop, not allowed symbol) shows up regardless of where the cursor is placed.
  4. hollow232

    In Progress item textures don't load and my character's photo too

    the textures of the items do not load even appearing on the character, even the photo of my character does not load correctly.
  5. Flesson19

    Resolved Icons not showing

    most icons aren't loading, from loot icons, to notables in villages, you just cant see them. this is another one they aren;t showing
  6. Lesbosisles

    Resolved [e1.5.8 Beta] Texture are not loaded/messed up

    Since the e.1.5.8 has been released, there's a texture bug - they simply do not load after a short period of time. All towns, castles, villages, even the warrior in the main menu look completely messed up because the textures are not loaded.
  7. StaceMcGate

    Resolved NPC & Item Portraits missing e1.5.8

    Been playing the new patch for last 2 hours, and have twice now seen all item, npc, and recruit portraits disappear entirely and replaced by a loading icon. The issue is not resolved by loading, and instead resolved by quitting the game program entirely and restarting. Game settings: High...
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