1. Adrivan

    Resolved Can't find Istiana or Arzagos for quest

    For the quests: "Meet with Istiana" and "Meet with Arzagos", neither of these NPCs are present in their respective cities (Epicrotea and Marunath). The quest worked fine in my previous save, which was on 1.5.7 beta. The problem has only appeared in a new campaign started on 1.5.8 beta. I will...
  2. StaceMcGate

    Resolved Istiana and Arzagos not Spawning 1e.5.8

    On Day 63 I finished talking to the nobles and had the markers placed for me to go talk to Istinia and Arzagos. However they have not spawned yet in game, and do not appear as notables in the settlement overview. Additionally, there is no option to enter their homes. It is now day 75 and they...
  3. Resolved 1.5.8 beta - NPCs (wanderers/Arzagos/Istiana) disappear from game started on 1.5.7 - Save Game Breaking

    Game started on 1.5.7 beta. After upgrading, on loading a new (1.5.8 ) save, some NPCs disappear, if you have not previously interacted with them. This includes main quest NPC's Istiana and Arzagos, and a significant number of wanderers. 1.5.7 save immediately before upgrading: 'pre158.sav'...
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