1. ThorheimAP

    Resolved Gangleader need weapons bug (and a small Encylopedia thing)

    So when I do the Gangleader need weapons quest it keeps taking ALL my weapons. Bought the 16 axes he wanted, handed in the quest and... all my crafted Javelins and my smithed polearm was gone. This has happened 3 times now. Also a note: The Encylopedia (press N)doesnt show the correct skills...
  2. Jancnahn

    Resolved [BUG][QUEST] Gang Leader Needs Weapons

    I was asked to bring 19 one-handed axes. I brought exactly 19 of them, and I had two expansive spare polearms in my inventory as well. The gang leader took the spare polearms along with 17 one-handed axes in my inventory, leaving me two cheap one-handed axes.
  3. Resolved Bugged quest "Gang leader needs weapons"

    Quest giver taking different types and number of weapons than in quest discription. How to reproduce: Get a Quest: Click here for image Get weapons: Click here for image Solve quest Check inventory: Click here for image Here the Thamaskene Steel Kaskara dissapeared as well as only 14 one handed...
  4. Resolved Gang needs weapons bug

    I've noticed a bug with "Gang needs weapons" quest. 1. It asks, for example, 23 hand axes of any quality. 2. When you have enough axes, the option to give them to npc appears in the dialogue. 3. When you activate this option, it gives, I guess, first 23 weapons from player's inventory. (spears...
  5. Resolved Gang leader needs weapons quest bugged

    Summary: Two bugs with this quest: 1. After acquiring the required weapons when I talk to the gang leader again for completion of the quest, along with the quest weapons I lose all my ranged weapons i.e, bows and arrows as well. 2. If I try to give the gang leader crafted weapons then the quest...
  6. Carolina Warlord

    Resolved My bow and arrows are getting taken when I complete the "Gang leader needs weapons" quest

    When I accept this quest I usually have an unequipped bow and arrows in my inventory. I then go to the shop and purchase the number of one-handed axes I need to complete the quest. When I deliver the axes, I check my inventory and I have two axes remaining and my shortbow and western arrows gone.
  7. Resolved Gang leader needs weapons bug

    Summary: Gang leader will take random weapons, shields, and ranged weapons, even if the required amount of requested weapons is sufficient. It doesn't matter if you lock the non-quest items. How to Reproduce: 1. Take on the quest; 2. Buy the requested amount of weapons; 3. Have other weapons...
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