1. barlas01

    Need More Info Süvarileri Seçince Infantry Sesi Oynatılıyor

    Başlıkta belirttiğim üzere sorun gayet basit aslında. 3 ile savaş sırasında süvarileri seçiyorum ama karakterim piyade diye bağırıyor. Uzun zamandır olan bir sorundu. Bilinen sorunları kontrol ettikten eksik olduğunu görünce raporlamak istedim. Kolay gelsin şimdiden.
  2. In Progress Invisible Obstacles on Battlefield

    Hey i have this weird bug on every battlefield with invisible obstacles, i cant command groups on them, my and enemy groups just run into them, i cant hit arrows through them and they stop me from riding my horse. Because they are invisible it is really immersion breaking because i mostly play...
  3. Are the Battlefield Areas too SMALL???

    personally i didn't have the strongest pc and I've only been running the game with battle sizes of up to 300 men for the longest time. that's counting both sides as i've tested out. and recently i got a gpu upgrade and felt confident to increase the numbers to 750 and have been noticing some...
  4. MightyMidgit

    Bring Back the Battlefield Storage!

    I do not know why this was nixed in development, but it needs to be brought back. Have it in a set location so you physically have to return to it like in former M&B titles. When you fight caravans, there is a lot of storage supplies they are "supposedly" protecting. You can reuse some of those...
  5. Acid91

    In-Battlefield Suggestions

    Hey, I previously posted all my suggestions in a single thread, but I later realised you wish to have them in individual subjects. Please allow us to scale damage taken/delivered for enemies as well as us and our allies. It would allow us to control the length of battles to our liking. If...
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