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  1. filthymushroom

    Need More Info Crash during battle since e.1.0.1

    Good evening, Since e1.0.1 I have been having random crashes in battles. Since e1.0.2 this has gotten a lot worse. - I have set my CPU and GPU to stock speeds, this did not make a difference. - Mostly occurs while on a horse, but I usually fight on a horse. - Occurs in both Fullscreen and...
  2. Need More Info crossbow bolts make no sound in air

    The bolts from crossbows make no sound when flying in air. Arrow from bow make the sound as intended.
  3. Viranto

    Battles ending to fast/ Battles to short

    Most of my battles are only 50seconds to 2mins. Some 700 battles are 5min, but more because of horses. Sadly there are not enough real duells in battles. I wish you can change the option that not only your troops get the 1/2 damage, but the enemy too. I hope we get in the future longer battles...
  4. Need More Info [BUG] You can personally lose battles when your side wins in battle

    Steps to reproduce (Only tested with kingdom armies reinforcing): 1. Start a battle alone. 2. Be reinforced by your allies 3. Die/faint and lose all of your personal troops 4. Have your ally win the battle Results: 5. you are captured 6. you are then immediately released (Your inventory still...
  5. Zocki

    In Progress Crash after Battle

    After every Battle my game crashes... :( (When I get the loot and press on Done) Please help.
  6. Every battle over 30 people lag and chops so bad its nearly unplayable

    When i try to raid a village or attack a bandit group and the battle contains more than 30 people in total it will start chopping and lagging so that i get killed really killed because i can't see anything/ respond when its sooooo laggy. Idk bought this game for like 60 dollars and i can't even...
  7. Is the campaign battle AI EXACTLY the same as warbands?

    I have had 2 occasions in 12 hours were something out of the norm happened and they formed a circle around a defending caravan, other than that... Charge Charge Charge. Outnumbered 3 to 1? Charge. Have 50 bowmen 20 infantry? Charge. Have 5 men on horseback? Charge and suicide all the nobles...
  8. Game crashes during large battles

    i get to the point of being able to get to the commander menu but then the game crashes. ive reduced size, corpses, and graphics to bare minimum but it still crashes.
  9. cynicalCo

    Need More Info Battle bug - Black areas around actors

    During my first battle with the raiders after getting the every actor in the scene became covered in these black blocks, including the horses. The fight began normally but after I gave the order to charge the black areas suddenly appeared. The fight continued on until the end like this. I...
  10. Can’t win sieges. Help please!

    I am relatively new to this game and need tactical help for conquering cities. I am currently marshal of the kingdom of Vaegirs and I’m trying to take Uxkhal from the rhodaks. They have a 167 garrison. 140 of which is made of an even split of Rhodok sharpshooters and sergeants. Tough units I...
  11. [BRE] Roudrac

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Hastings (March, 29th)

    October 1066, Harold Godwinson, king of England is victorious. With tactical brilliance, he had caught the invading viking force off guard at Stamford Bridge a few days earlier and crushed them. Harald Hardrada, claimant to the throne of England, has been slain. However, Harold has no time to...
  12. Wardog__GAMING

    1000 stat man | 🏹⚔️ Wardog__GAMING Video Thread: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord 🛡⚔️

  13. A.K.D

    How I perceive the beta of Mount and Blades 2

    Youtube Link: Enjoy the head cinema and flash backs. What experiences have you had that produced a smile or a laughter? With kind regards A.K.D

    My question is are taleworlds planning on implementing an automated block option for single player only.... just like the other mount and blade games? i feel that it would be a great feature for the game and gives players the flexibility to choose which blocktype they would like to use in single...
  15. Liga Warband

    Liga Warband

  16. Artem1s

    ⚔️ Artems Video Thread: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord ⚔️

  17. Eleonora2186

    Singleplayer end of battle

    In warband we could exit battle only when every enemy was dead or ran away (otherwise we would retreat). If we could end battle when everyone is dead or runs away I think that it would feel much smoother.
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